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The F10+P or pause cheat is a cheat in Keen galaxy that, in Keen 6, crashes the game. it was intended to be used during playtesting to freeze the action until a key was pressed. This is not to be confused with the pause window; a window that appears when the pause break key is pressed as well as in other circumstances such as when saved games are loaded.

Fix cheat in Keen 6

This patch 'fixes' the cheat so that it no longer crashes the game but instead works as intended. The original cheat accidentally calls some buggy code present in all Galaxy games but never accessed.

Keen 6

#Fix F10-P in Keen 6
%patch $7424 $EB $05

Key that activates cheat

This patch alters what key activates the pause window. (See Patch:Scancodes.) By default this is the 'p' key. Setting this to $C647, $BCAF or $C7D5 (in Keen 4, Keen 5 and Keen 6 respectively.) will disable the cheat .

Key that pauses game

#Key that pauses game -Keen 4
%patch $7651 {$C679W}

#Key that pauses game -Keen 5
%patch $7606 {$BCE1W}

#Key that pauses game -Keen 6
%patch $7426 {$C807W}


This patch disables the ability to pause the game during gameplay.

Key that pauses game

#Disable game pausing -Keen 4
%patch $764F $EB $17

#Disable game pausing -Keen 5
%patch $7604 $EB $17

#Disable game pausing -Keen 6
%patch $7424 $EB $17