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Welcome to the Commander Keen Wiki!

This wiki is intended to be a complete reference to the Commander Keen series of computer games, detailing everything from gameplay hints to tips for creating your own levels.

If you find anything missing, incomplete or inaccurate among these pages, please fix it! To help prevent spam, you'll need an account before you can start editing pages, but signing up is easy. If this is your first time here, be sure to read the KeenWiki Guidelines before contributing. This site will only become a complete reference if everyone dives in and shares their knowledge of the games!

If you would like to help out but you're not sure where to start, take a look at the list of pages needing more information.


Like a change? Try these edited versions of the original games.


Like a bigger change? Try these Keen-flavoured games that were not based on modding an existing game.

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Got a Keen question?


If you need comprehensive step-by-step tutorials on modding, level editing or running Keen on modern platforms, check out the Tutorials.


Want to create your own mod? Here are some tips and tools to help you.

Latest Mods

Here are some of the latest finished Keen mods. Across all episodes, there are 358 mods in total! See more...

Latest mods by episode
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