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Paramultart is an active member of the Keen community and has contributed several mods, has many under wraps, and he has even summoned John Romero himself to the PCKF IRC channel, much to the amazement of the community.

Notable works include: Shmaynoria, How Bleen Saved Kwanzaa, Keen Rescue, and contributing levels in XkyRauh's Art Pass competition, and the Keen's Night at the Improv competition.

He frequently collaborates with VikingBoyBilly, under the pseudonym VBBTART, having created two mods with him, How Bleen Saved Kwanzaa and Keen Rescue, and the duo currently has several projects under wraps, including Shmaynoria 2, Captain Ken, and Bleen 3, with Tulip.

He is also collaborating with Ceilick, LevelLass, and Lemm on some projects which cannot be revealed at this time, with the exception of the first Bio-Menace total conversion, Keen: Crisis Earth.

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