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This is meant to be a constantly-updated list of Keen-related fangames that were:

  • Actually released in some form (either full or demo)
  • Not made by modifying the original games (some of the best fangames are actually "mods". To see a list of them, go to Vorticon Mods and Galaxy Mods).

Information compiled from CC314, Beyond the Pogo, Bipship and the forums.

Many of these games require cncs232.dll to play.


  • CNC = Click & Create
  • CTF = Clickteam Fusion
  • DPMI = DOS Protected Mode Interface
  • GBA = Game Boy Advance
  • KNP = Klik & Play
  • MMF = Multimedia Fusion
  • TGF = The Games Factory
  • Please click on the triangles to sort by different categories. i.e. if you click first on "Creator(s)" then on "Created with", you will get a list that is sorted by which tool or engine was used, and further sorted by creator name. Refresh the page to reset all sort settings.
  • Only the newest version of each game is listed in the Download column; additional versions may be found on their respective wiki pages.
  • Dates format: year-month-day (the release date is always for the first version of the game if known)
  • Real name of creator listed first, if available, then (nickname in brackets)

For a pictorial view, see List of fangames (pictorial) instead.

Title Download(s) Release Date Creator(s) Created with OS Notes
Adventures of Commander Keen demo 2002-10-12 Rave O Mania MMF Windows
Aliens Ate My Little Sister! full (v1.1)
full (v1.0)
2010-08-05 K1n9_Duk3 KEENGINE Windows Discussion
Alpha Manhattan demo (v0.2)
demo (v0.1)
xtraverse MMF
Bacteri-Yuk full 2003-01-03 Slasher
Chris Hendricks (Ilsoap)
CNC Windows
The Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket vs The Trecentiquindecim beta 2005-08-05 MortimerInBlack GameMaker Windows Discussion
Bloog Dunking Booth full 1999-09-06 The Soggy Mop CNC Windows
Bloog Sports: Soccer full 2001-11-03 Dr. Zingers KNP Windows
BWB Megarocket Space Invaders full 2000-07-03 Vaportech International CNC Windows
Captain Rixot: Lost on Enceladus Windows
2022-01-04 ktch0 C
Windows, Linux
Website Discussion
CK Saga Episode 1: The Palace of King Yarkoud full 1999-07-05 Steven Wallace (StevenVI) ? Windows text adventure
CK Saga Episode 2: Keen in Space beta 1999-07-20 Steven Wallace (StevenVI) ? DPMI
CKFSC Fangame demo (v0.41) 2008-12-20 German Keen community KEENGINE Windows details here (dead link)
CK4GBA full
source code
2023-06-22 John314 C GBA GitHub Discussion Keen 4 port
CK5GBA full 2023-10-07 John314 C GBA GitHub Discussion Keen 5 port
CK6GBA full 2023-10-07 John314 C GBA GitHub Discussion Keen 6 port
Commander Keen 2000 full 1998-11-24 A.R. KNP Windows
Commander Keen 2000 - Remake full 2022-02-18 CvH_9000 CTF Windows Discussion
Commander Keen 2004 full 2006-01-01 Nickssoft KNP Windows Keen 2000 remake
Commander Keen 20,000 full 2007-07-28 Kohntarkosz MMF Windows Discussion
Commander Keen 3000 demo 1999-02-07 A.R. TGF Windows
Commander Keen 3000: Friend or Foe? full 2012-03-04 Nickssoftware, Szemi KNP Windows
Commander Keen 4.5: Parallel World Engine beta 2010-05-08 Andy MMF2 Windows
Commander Keen 64 beta v0.1.5 2009-08-15
Lava89 Blitz3D
Windows A 3D remake of Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars
Commander Keen 7: Keen Lives demo 1998-07-02 Noname KNP Windows
Commander Keen 7: The Universe is Toast demos (v0.2) demos (v0.1) 2000-08-07
Neil McRae KNP Windows A worse remake of Keen Lives demo
Commander Keen 7v demo 1999-07-25 Volte-Face TGF Windows
Commander Keen 8 (2003) demo 2003-01-02 Brandon Walderman KNP Windows
Commander Keen 8 (2000) demo 2000-09-30 Neil McRae KNP Windows
Commander Keen: Adventure demo 1999-07-17 TCL999 aka Dopefish 9 (Travis Lauver) CNC Windows
Commander Keen and The Grand Intellect full (v1.1a) 2004-10-17 Creative madman GameMaker Windows Discussion
Commander Keen Andromeda demo 2004-03-29 Joe Capricorn ? Windows
Commander Keen BreakOut 1 & 2 full 1999-07-20 The Soggy Mop CNC Windows
Commander Keen: Code Name 13 full 2003-01-02 Bean with Bacon ? Windows
Commander Keen: Dark Horizon demo 1999-10-20 Logan Smith (CrazyKeen) ? Windows
Commander Keen - Doom of Mars full 2012-05-05 DrColossus GameMaker Windows Release Page
Commander Keen: Earthbound demo 1999-07-21 J.A. KNP Windows
Commander Keen - Heart of Darkness demo (3D version)
demo (v0.2)
dmeo (v0.1)
2015-05-07 DrColossus GameMaker Windows Discussion
Commander Keen: Heroes Lost full 2013-01-02 ThDPro aka Thud MegaZeux Multiple Website
Commander Keen Immortal: The Lamers full 1999-06-02 The Soggy Mop TGF Windows
Commander Keen in: Holiday Hijinx! full 2005-01-09 thenewmoonsidianx TGF Windows Website
Commander Keen in Joy Busters demo 2002-10-26 Gooverman ? ?
Commander Keen in: The Counter Crusades beta (v0.3) 2005-05 yodablob GameMaker Windows
Commander Keen in the Dream Machine full 2003-03-15 DSL CNC Windows
Commander Keen in the Earth's Chaos demo 2002-07-23 Superadammario64 TGF Windows
Commander Keen in Time Episode 1: Lost in Time full 1999-12-12 The Soggy Mop CNC? Windows
Commander Keen in Trouble demo 2003-01-02 Till Gillsbach ? Windows
Commander Keen Interactive Fiction demo 2005-05-16 CK Guy ? Windows
Commander Keen Laser Tag full 2000-08-03 Steven Wallace (StevenVI) ? Windows
Commander Keen Learns to Drive full 1999-06-01 Logan Smith (CrazyKeen) TGF Windows Website
Commander Keen - Marooned on Mars (Galaxy Style) full 2012-07-29 DrColossus GameMaker Windows Release Page
Commander Keen Masked Crusaders: Asino's Uphail full
BlueIllusionX TGF
Commander Keen Maze full 2000-07-25 Vaportech International ? Windows
Commander Keen Psychedelic full 1999-02-22 Some Guy CNC Windows
Commander Keen Remastered alpha v.0.0.7b 2020-02-09 Kajuby Windows Discussion
Commander Keen - Robot Invasion full 2011-07-14 DrColossus GameMaker Windows
Commander Keen: School's Out full 2002-08-03 LinkTempleton KNP Windows
Commander Keen Shoot 'em Up full 1999-08-23 The Soggy Mop ? Windows
Commander Keen: Tantalus Wars beta 2007-11-05 GoldenRishi/LordofGlobox GameMaker 7.0 Windows
Commander Keen Tetris full 1999-05-23 Steven Wallace (StevenVI) ? Windows
Commander Keen: The New Episode demo 2001-01-09 Daffydrukz ? DOS
Commander Keen: The Return to Mars full 2000-07-19 ? CNC? Windows
The Commander Keen vs. Commander Kenny full 2000-02-18 Korath the Great CNC Windows
Commander Keens Trek 96 full 1996-09-16 J&O Software Visual Basic Windows
Commander Pang full 1998-12-30 Thomas Laguzzi QBASIC Windows, DOS
Das Viva full 2004-03-14 Commander Spleen CNC Windows
Day of the Alien: Tentacles Ate My Babysitter! full 2002-10-06 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
Discontinued Keen Games Anthology demo 2003-02-19 Nickssoft ? ?
The Dopefish Challenge full 2001-12-02 Beowulf TGF Windows Website
Dopefish Forever! full
Dopefish Lives!
Chris Geroux KNP Windows Website
Dopefish Races full 2002-12-15 TCL999 aka Dopefish 9 (Travis Lauver) C++ Windows Discussion
Dopefish Rescue I full 1998-01-22 Justin QBASIC Windows Website text game
Dopefish Rescue II full 1998-02-12 Justin QBASIC Windows Website text game
The Dopey Game demo 2002-10-17 Zorath ? Windows
Eat 'em Up full 1999-08-17 The Soggy Mop TGF? Windows
Escape from id! I: Executive's Revenge full 2002-03-22 thenewmoonsidianx TGF Windows Website
Escape from id! II & III Double-Pak full 2002-09-26 thenewmoonsidianx TGF Windows Website
Escape from the Dopefish full 2002-02-21 Mark Jenkins KNP Windows
Flash Keen full
2003-02-18 Glen Rhodes Flash Flash Website Keen 1 Flash clone, no world map
FlappyVort link needed 2014-04-01 Roobar JavaScript ? Discussion
Foray In The Cherry Blossom Forest demo (v0.1.3) 2020-01-19 Roobar KEENGINE Windows Spin-off of Foray in the Forest Discussion
Fribbulus Xax Falls demo (v0.2.1) 2017-10-20 Roobar KEENGINE Windows Discussion
Goodbye Monkey Island Part 1 full 2004-04-29 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
Goodbye Monkey Island Part 2 full 2004-04-29 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
Goodbye Monkey Island Part 3 full 2004-04-29 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
Goodbye Monkey Island Part 4 full 2004-04-29 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
Goodbye Monkey Island Part 5 full 2004-04-29 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
Goodbye Monkey Island Part 6 full 2004-04-29 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
JavaKeen demo 2003-01-24 paradox Java 1.4 multiple Open-source, has level editor
Journey to the Centre of Mars full 2011-02-14 Hagel Journey to the Centre of Mars Engine Windows Discussion source code is released.
Jungle Commander Keen demo 2002-10-05 xtraverse ? Windows Evolved into "Alpha Manhattan"
Keen 2.5D beta (v0.41, Windows)
beta (v0.41, macOS)
beta (v0.41, Linux)
2020-09-07 Joseph Carney (Ronnie) Unity Windows, macOS, Linux Discussion
Keen Dreams 3D full 2006-03-17 thenewmoonsidianx 3D Game Studio Windows Website
Keen Engine Test demo (v0.13) 2005-01-31 DSL MMF Windows
Keen Enters RON full 2002-09-19 das TOBI AS ? ? RON mod
Keen Fighter demo 2010-07-12 Szemi KNP Windows
Keen Fury demo 1999-03-15
Blur/YFS ? DOS
Keen Galaxies demo 2007-05-21 TCL999 aka Dopefish 9 (Travis Lauver) CNC Windows Website Discussion
Keen in the Bronze Age full 2004-04-25 SkypestB2 ? Windows
Keen: Next demo 2005-05-07 Z-1 ? Windows Made with Keen: Next editor. Abandoned, but source released. More info here.
Keen Signal full 2008-03-17 Mink KNP Windows Discussion
Keen's Enemy Blowout! demo 1998-01-17 Ryan McGreer (What's His Name?) KNP Windows
Keen's Watch full 2003-02-18 Nickssoft KNP Windows
Keen4ever full 1999-01-16 Pieter Jordaan (therealdopefish) KNP Windows
KeenBounce browser
browser (alt)
2023-09-16 phoebe Godot
HTML5 GitHub Discussion
KeenKong full 2003-11-04 Allstories KNP Windows Discussion
KeenPlus demo 2000-03-14 Neil McRae ? Windows
Link-Keen full (v2.3)
source code
2022-04-25 John314 C GBA GitHub Discussion NetKeen port
Maniac Mars full 2002-08-31 thenewmoonsidianx TGF Windows Website
Mazes of Doom full 2008-12-16 JM2006 GameMaker Windows
Mopsy shareware 1993-06-19 K.U.S. Software ? DOS in German
Mortal Keenbat full 1999-07-13 The Soggy Mop ? Windows
Mortimer Ate My Babysitter demo 1999-07-07 ? ? Windows
Mortimer McMire Stress Reliever full 1999-09-04 The Soggy Mop ? Windows
The Mystery of Isis II remake alpha (v0.1.1a)
demos 2, 3, 4
demo 1
et al.
DJGPP C w/Allegro
Windows, DOS
Mythical Stones 1: The End of McMire's Story full 2003-12-24 memsys ? Windows
NetKeen (2011) NetKeen: Vorticons 2013-03-26 lemm
et al.
? DOS Discussion
NetKeen (1997) demo 1997-11-16 Zbad ? Windows
NetKeen 2 demo 1998-04-12 Zbad ? Windows
Pac-Keen full 2003-11-30 rorie1983 GameMaker Windows Website Discussion
Planet Cloudius IX full 2019-04-18 Roobar KEENGINE Windows Discussion
Project Keen demo 2007-05-22 Vincent Beers (DaVince) Sphere Windows, Linux, OSX abandoned; Website
Quick Basic Keen beta v0.15 2003-05-13 Kevin Wellwood QBASIC ? CK4 clone, has level editor; Website
Real Keen Player full 2000-10-26 Pieter Jordaan (therealdopefish) Turbo Pascal DOS has level editor
Real Keen Player II full 2001-04-22 Pieter Jordaan (therealdopefish) Turbo Pascal DOS has level editor; Discussion
Real Keen Player III full 2003-03-07 Pieter Jordaan (therealdopefish) Div Games Studio DPMI Discussion
Return of the Vorticons full 2007-07-30 StupidBunny TGF Windows Discussion
Revolt on Camostria III Part 1 full 2003-07-28 BBalazs ? ?
Revolt on Camostria III Part 2: Trouble 7 full 2003-07-29 BBalazs ? ?
Revolt on Camostria III Part 3: Regicide full 2004-04-27 BBalazs ? ?
R.O.C.K. alpha (v0.5)

alpha (v0.1

Henrock431 GameMaker Windows Website Discussion mimicks Keen 4-6 physics
The Rule of a Yorp's Dinner
aka Friends of Commander Keen
aka Keen Rescue Mission
demo (v0.2)
demo (v0.1)
Chris Hendricks (Ilsoap)
aka "Pea Soup Fog Productions (a tiny division of Vapor Tech.)"
Silly Keen full 2003-12-07 Zerker CNC Windows
Spork I: Robot's Revenge full
Slasher CNC Windows
Spork II: Escape from Dula 9 full 2000-05-29 Slasher CNC Windows
Spork III: Code of the Sporkia demo (v0.2)
demo (v0.1)
Slasher TGF
Stranded on Saturn browser 2021-01-20 janpaul PICO-8 HTML5
Super Keen Fighter 2 full 2002-07-22 Nickssoft ? Windows
Super Keen Fighter 3 full 2003-07-09 Nickssoft ? Windows
Super Keen Fighter 4 full 2005-07-04 Nickssoft M.U.G.E.N Windows Website Discussion
Super Mario in Marooned on Mars full 2019-04-07 Jack-of-All Games Mario 3 engine by Djrellik Windows
aka Commander Keen Goes AI
full 1999-06-08 Logan Smith (CrazyKeen) ? Windows, DOS Website
The Universe is Toast 1 - When Bloogs Attack! full 2001-05-13 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
The Universe is Toast 2 - Stranded on Itchbay full 2004-01-21 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
The Universe is Toast 3 - The Return of Mr. 314 full 2002-09-25 thenewmoonsidianx ? Windows Website
TUIT full 2009-08-15 Fleexy GameMaker Windows Discussion
VortaKeen full (v2.3)
source code
2022-06-28 John314 C GBA GitHub Discussion Keen 1-3 clone
Vorticon VI Episode 1: The Captive Planet full 1999-10-01 TCL999 aka Dopefish 9 (Travis Lauver) KNP Windows
Vorticon VI Episode 2: Attack on Earth demo 2002-07-29 TCL999 aka Dopefish 9 (Travis Lauver) MMF Windows Discussion
Vorticon World demo 2001-02-21 Steaver370 ? Windows
Watch314 MkII full 2004-10-03 Commander Spleen CNC Windows
Where's My Pogo? full
xtraverse CNC Windows
The Worst Keen Fangame Ever! full 2005-12-05 Stupid Bunny TGF Windows Discussion
Wurdz: Commander Keen full 2000-06-02 Steven Wallace (StevenVI) QBASIC DOS Discussion
Yorp Convention full 2000-08-29 Neil McRae CNC Windows
Yorp Wars full 1999-06-03 Quest King, aka Dr. Thomas H. Bailey, Sr. CNC Windows Website