Dopefish Races

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Dopefish Races
Dopefish Races.png
Fangame-ingame-Dopefish Races.png
Author(s)Travis Lauver (TCL999)
Created withC++
Release date2002-12-15
Secret levels0
Downloadnewest (source code included)

The Quest of the Dopefish - Episode 1: Dopefish Races is a fangame programmed by Travis Lauver (TCL999) in C++. It was created in December 2002 in response to the "Two-Hour Tom" challenge initiated by Andrew Kepple (TooMuchSpareTime). The latter was inspired by a comment on Tom Hall's website, where Tom stated that he wrote a game titled Starcruiser in two hours. Thus Andrew proposed the idea of programming a game from scratch within two hours to the PCKF community.[1]

The work is a simple text-based betting game with Dopefish instead of horses. The player starts with 100 Drops and places a bet on one of four differently-colored Dopefish. If the chosen Dopefish wins the race, the player's wager gets doubled, otherwise the Drops are lost. After a race, another round can be played, given that the player still has Drops left. The game ends if the player decides to not to play again or lost all their Drops.