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This page has links to the rest of the Keen community. Make sure you drop by in time to find out what's happening next Keen Day!

Community sites

These sites are places where the Commander Keen community gathers.


These chat rooms allow Keen fans to discuss via instant messaging.

Keen websites

These sites are Keen-related websites created by people in the Keen community. If you run a Keen-related site and it's not on this list, please add it! (Please note that most of the sites listed are unmaintained.)

Link to the KeenWiki!

If you have a website related to Commander Keen or classic games in general, you're welcome to link to the KeenWiki. You may wish to use these images:

test Keenwiki88x31b.png

You can use the following HTML code for the link (feel free to hotlink or upload the image to your own server, whichever you prefer.)

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>