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Keen Day is a yearly celebration in the Keen Community, taking place on March 14. (The rationale behind this comes from Keen's IQ. March 14 is 3/14 when written in the American format.)

Many Keeners try to plan their projects so as to have releases on Keen Day. Here are some of the more famous projects to have been released on Keen Days.

Release Year Contributor(s) Title Contribution Type Notes
2002 Ilsoap Shadowlands I Animation Shadowlands - the Animated Series pt. I
2003 Ilsoap Shadowlands II Animation Shadowlands - the Animated Series pt. II
2004 adurdin ModKeen 2 Modding utility for extracting files from the executables
2004 Xky Rauh Episode Null Keen 2 Mod
2005 Levellord Generic Mod I Keen 1 Mod not made actually on Keen Day, but are still somewhat belated
2005 Levellord Generic Mod II Keen 2 Mod The Generic Sequel, not made actually on Keen Day, but are still somewhat belated
2005 Benvolio Torgopolis Keen 4 Mod one-level mod, not made actually on Keen Day, but are still somewhat belated
2007 KeenRush A New Dope Keen 3 Mod
2007 Shadow Master Fin2Bmp Linux Port Modding utility Fin2Bmp port for a Linux environment
2007 Xky Rauh Yorphius II Level Pack Keen 1 Mod Xky Rauh, Levellass and Stealty71088, not made actually on Keen Day, but are still somewhat belated
2008 KeenRush Website Commander Keen related website
2008 CK Guy KeenGrout Modding utility
2009 Tulip Onward: Silcar 4: The Civilization Inside Keen 1 Mod
2009 Mink The Neural Stunner Modding utility A modding tool that replaces The Patchotron
2009 Fleexy EZ-mKeen Modding utility a frontend for ModKeen
2010 Shikadi Keen S Keen 1 Mod
2010 Commander Spleen Retrosis Keen 1 Mod release zero
2010 Keen Community Community Keen X Levelpack Keen 1 Mod Ceilick, Commander Spleen, Fleexy, KeenRush, Lemm, Levellass, Mink, Tulip
2011 naba SGA Vorticon Monospace SGA Font
2011 Tulip Armageddon 2: Pluto Burns Keen 1 Mod finished mod version
2012 NY00123 Game Speed Patch Modding patch
2012 Zeus Keen Fifteen: Hello Galaxy! Keen 5 Mod beta release
2012 Paramultart Keen Rescue Keen 3 Mod
2012 StupidBunny Commander Keen in the Bobrick Tower Keen 3 Mod
2014 Fleexy Abiathar Modding utility level and tileinfo editor
2014 Multimania Omnispeak Game engine
2014 Ceilick Shadow Jack Keen 1 Mod alpha release
2014 Darziw Nogaj, Quinton Revenge of Mortimer Keen 1 Mod, Keen 2 Mod, Keen 3 Mod
2015 Fleexy AbiatharOS Modding utility Online Keen Galaxy Editor
2015 Fleexy Tharfy Modding utility Vorticons ↔ Galaxy level converter
2015 troublesomekeen Commander Keen and the Electromagnet Keen 2 Mod finished mod version
2015 Lava89 Keen 64: Unity Game engine
2015 Darziw Nogaj, Quinton The Morticore Keen 1 Mod
2016 DrColossus Marooned on Mars Keen 5 Mod Galaxy remake of Keen 1: Marooned on Mars
2016 Nisaba Keen 5 Deluxe Edition Keen 5 Mod A bug fixed version of Keen 5 featuring the missing BWB level
2016 lemm ModID Modding utility 16-bit ModKeen fork
2017 Nisaba Foray in the Forest Keen 4 Mod Reconstruction of a long lost mod
2017 Levellass Space Evaders Keen 4 Mod Changed gameplay mod
2017 Commander Spleen Keendroid Underground Keen 1 Mod Minimod
2017 Quillax Quillax's NetKeen Levels NetKeen Mod
2017 DrColossus Galaxy Defender Keen 4 Mod Demo version
2017 DrColossus The Earth Explodes Keen 5 Mod One Level Demo version
2017 Multimania Omnispeak 1.0 Game engine A Keen:Galaxy reimplementation
2017 Fleexy PSThar: PowerShell for Abiathar Modding utility A CMD addon for Abiathar
2017 Fleexy Markeen Modding utility Probabilistic random Galaxy level generator
2018 Quillax The Sunnylands Keen 4 Mod
2019 Kohntarkosz_ Bounty Hunting Brouhaha Keen 4 Mod Beta version
2019 proYorp Planet of the Pandas Keen 1 Mod Originally made as a birthday present for the author's brother
2019 Levellass Keenball Keen 4 Mod Demo version
2019 szemi Super Mario Bros SGA Version ROM Hack
2020 TheBigV Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears? Keen 1 Mod Beta version
2020 troublesomekeen Commander Keen in... Canteloupe Quest Keen 4 Mod Demo version
2021 TheBigV Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears? Keen 1 Mod Full release
2021 DarkAle Keen 14: Secret of the Sorcerer Keen 6 Mod Demo version
2022 Fleexy Fleex & Markeen's Keen 5 Level Pack Keen 5 Mod Updated version
2023 Szemigi Keen Dreams Tech Demo Keen Dreams Source Mod Based on the source of version 1.00 mixed with some Catacombs 3-D elements, now has title music