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Commander Keen and I go a long way back. I was born when the last Keen game came out. Ever since I can remember, Secret of the Oracle was my most frequented game. It was a sad day indeed when these old DOS computers broke down, followed by an extremely happy day when my brother discovered DosBox years later. In 2012, I became interested in the idea of making modded-games. I stumbled upon and in February. I immediately got to work on a Keen 4 mod, with Ceilick's Galaxy Tutorial to guide me. I started out recoloring Commander Keen's football helmet black, gray and white, for the Oakland Raiders. I was most gratified to see my graphics successfully imported. I immediately went to work on a serious Keen 4 mod, using The Eight Accumulators and the unofficial Universe is Toast series as my role models. I was also particularly fascinated with Save the Quillsheep, Zoltan's Revenge, XkyKeen4, Mink's Puzzle Pack, and Keen Asylum. A small regret of mine is that I discovered Keen-modding in 2012, instead of in 2008. After experiencing NetKeen for the first time, I developed the "Nowhere to be Seen" concept, in which side-characters become the main character, because "Commander Keen is nowhere to be seen." It's an idea built around the question: What is happening over here while Keen is over there? The first episode of the NtbS series takes place after Keen is transported to Calidune. It is a story of what happens on Gnosticus IV while Lt. Barker, Princess Lindsey, the janitor, and Spot are out looking for Keen. More and more episodes are planned for the NtbS series, which include Spot, Molly McMire, and Lt. Barker. Modding a single game of Keen Galaxy takes a year or longer to complete. Hopefully I continue to have the time to continue working on Keen-modding. Plans have also been made for a Medieval-themed mod. Lastly, I would like to thank all the people responsible for making Keen-modding possible. Also a huge thanks for those who take the time to mod Commander Keen games. ~troublesomekeen

Due to numerous circumstances, many of my Keen-related plans have changed. All production for minor projects (i.e. Medieval-themed mod, Eye of the Yorp, Berkeloid mod, ) have come to a complete halt. A more concentrated effort is being launched in order to quicken production. The pending projects below are listed in order of personal importance:

1. Video Tutorials on Keen Modding. This course will be dissected into 3 sections: Pre-K, Keentegarden and Keen Kollege. The series held at the Keeniversity, produced by Keen Can Studios, will feature host TroublesomeKeen as he takes new Keeners through the world of Keening, starting with the bare basics in Keentegarden. An entirely optional course, Pre-K, in an introduction to Keening, building concepts, formulating stories and plots, character design and other subjects. Keen Kollege will be for advanced Keeners who are ready to take on the next level. This series of video tutorials will be posted on Youtube, which will include cameras, glasses, white boards, microphones and screen recording.

2. Guardian of Wisdom (Keen4). This mod was announced almost a year ago. It's high time I get it done. New steps have been taken to simply the story, thereby reducing the work load. I hope to release this mod on the heels of Atroxian Realm and Suburb Shenanigans.

3. Becky Blaze: A Run Through the Forest (Keen4). This collaborative project (with Scarlet and others) is only the beginning of a great and grand trilogy, centering around the re-imagining of Keen 6. Since this mod is the gateway to 2 more amazing mods to follow, the urgency to complete this mod is, well, always urgent.

4. The Adventures of Dodo Bird (Keen1). This is a mod completely disconnected from the Keeniverse. It is inspired by Bananasauras, featuring original character design developed by old comic strips I used to draw.

5. New Sprite Sets for NetKeen Vorticons (NetKeen). Since the epic release of the new NetKeen including the Vorticon episodes, I've been concerning myself with the diversity in the cast of characters for the Galaxy episodes. NetKD: King Tuber, Potted Flower, TaterTrooper (Maybe Frenchy, Squasher, CarrorCurrier and Broccolash) NetKV: Meep NetK5: Shikadi, Mini Robo Red NetK6: Molly McMire, Babbabo, Flect, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue Bloogs

6. Keen Dreams: Commander Keen in... Keen Meets the Meats (KeenD). This is practically cannon, and I can't believe a bigger attempt at making this episode a reality hasn't happened. As soon as I get my act together and finish the above projects, I am absolutely going to see this one finished.

7. Mini Robo Red (KeenD). Astounding patchwork by levellass has already been done. I feel like I've wasting her time by not completing this project. However, this not really a major project. But I certainly want to see it get done someday. The same goes for the Berkeloid-themed mod project. ~troublesomekeen