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This is a list of all actors (creatures, enemies and the like) appearing across all games. See the main page for each episode to restrict the list to only those from a single game.

  • Android Dummy.png
    A hoax plotted by Mortimer McMire.
  • Apel.png
    A creature that can climb up and down poles.
  • Arachnu.png
    Arachnut-like babyish alien.
  • Arachnut.png
    A green crab-like creature, commonly found in the desert.
  • Asparagusto.png
    A creature that runs with much gusto!
  • Babobba.png
    A baby Bobba.
  • Badoing.png
    A bouncy worm alien.
  • Berkeloid.png
    A fiery creature.
  • Berkeloid GBC.png
    A fiery guy.
  • Bip.png
    Tiny yellow creatures that control Bipships and moving platforms, and are easily squashed.
  • Bipship.png
    A flying saucer piloted by a Bip.
  • Bloog.png
    A large green bird.
  • Bloog GBC.png
    A one-eyed stupid green alien.
  • Blooglet.png
    A harmless young Bloog, some of which carry Gems.
  • Blooglet GBC.png
    A baby Bloog.
  • Blooguard.png
    A stronger Bloog that can momentarily stun you by slamming its club onto the ground.
  • Blooguard GBC.png
    A Bloog with a big club.
  • Blorb.png
    A floating red blob.
  • Blue Bird.png
    An invincible eagle-like creature.
  • Blue Bird Egg.png
    A fragile egg that when broken, will produce a Blue Bird.
  • Bobba.png
    A large red one-legged creature.
  • Bobba GBC.png
    Giant bouncy worm-like alien.
  • Bounder.png
    A happy red bouncing ball, not afraid of giving you a lift.
  • Bounder GBC.png
    Spherical red bouncy guy.
  • Broccolash.png
    A vegetable with a strong head of hair...
  • Bubba.png
    Small, floating bubble-like alien.
  • Butler Robot.png
    A nice little Martian robot that has trouble keeping his hat on. He is nice except for the fact that he usually pushes you off a platform to your death.
  • Canteloupe Cart.png
    Fast-moving carts.
  • Carrot Courier.png
    A harmless carrot-like creature that will push you around.
  • Casta.png
    Indestructible Fleex-designed robot.
  • Ceilick.png
    A creature that hides in ceilings.
  • Council Member.png
    The people you are rescuing.
  • Cyba-Mallow Blue.png
    Blue-colored robotic candy.
  • Cyba-Mallow Red.png
    Red-colored robotic candy.
  • Darg.png
    Garg-like alien created by the Droidiccus.
  • Keen4 KnifeShooter.png
    Dart Gun
    Automatic traps hidden in the Pyramids of Shadowlands, these shoot sharp poison darts at Keen from floor, ceiling or wall mounted positions. Keen will die if he is hit by one of the darts, or if he touches one of the guns.
  • Dood.png
    Small Shelley-like crackpot alien.
  • Dopefish.png
    'nuff said. First ever appearance in Keen 4.
  • Dopefish GBC.png
    A large green fish out of water.
  • Dorp.png
    A Yorp-like mutant alien created by the Droidiccus.
  • Droid 1.png
    Small buzzing annoying Droidiccus.
  • Droid 2.png
    Bouncy annoying menial Droidiccus.
  • Droid 3.png
    Zippy wall climbing Droidiccus.
  • Droidican Elite.png
    Tough elite soldier Droidiccus.
  • Droidican Emperor.png
    The ruler of the Droidiccus.
  • Droidican Soldier.png
    Normal soldier Droidiccus.
  • KeenDreams Fire.png
    Eternally burning flame that will instantly scorch any nearby heroes.
  • Keen4 Fire.png
    Blazing traps, found in some hideous places. They are extremely abundant in the Isle of Fire.
  • Fire Keen1.png
    Common traps that will burn heroes to death.
  • Keen5 FireHelix.png
    Fire Helix
    These deadly swirling defence hazards are frequently found aboard the Omegamatic, although some can be found in the Korath III Base too.
  • Fire Imp.png
    A hot mini-Berkeloid.
  • Flect.png
    A creature that will reflect your shots back at you.
  • Flect GBC.png
    An orange tentacly alien that reflects your shots back at you!
  • Fleex.png
    A creature with many eyes.
  • Fleex GBC.png
    Orange, inventive but dangerous alien.
  • Foob.png
    Small creatures found on Vorticon VI; they are very shy, and explode on touch.
  • Foot.png
    A means to get to the secret level.
  • Frenchy.png
    A furious fellow always spitting chips.
  • Garg.png
    A speedy green monster with two eyes on stalks, commonly found creeping out of tunnels.
  • Gik.png
    A yellow creature that you can walk on.
  • Gik GBC.png
    Beetle like, spiny-footed alien.
  • Grabbiter.png
    A creature blocking your way through Fribbulus Xax.
  • Guard Robot.png
    Purple robots used in the Vorticon Mothership to protect different areas.
  • Hovva.png
    Hovering harmless droid.
  • Inchworm.png
    A small worm (see also Foot).
  • Jack.png
    Lethal pointy toys that bounce around, used by the Youths for their game of Jacks.
  • Jack Ball.png
    A non-lethal ball that bounces around, also used in the game of Jacks.
  • King Boobus Tuber.png
    The final boss, a large potato.
  • Korath III Inhabitant.png
    A small creature with no arms that inhabits Korath III.
  • Large Thruster.png
    Large Thruster
    These hold up some of the floating ledges in the levels. Their fire can kill Keen. Only found in Hillville, Miragia, and the Isle of Fire.
  • Keen5 LaserCannon.png
    Laser Cannon
    These weapons are frequently found installed in roofs, floors and walls, and they shoot a single purple bullet approximately every three seconds. It is not known whether or not they are related to those found later in Fribbulus Xax.
  • Lick.png
    A small blue fire-breathing ball.
  • Little Ampton.png
    A purple robot that slides up and down poles.
  • Little Ampton GBC.png
    Small, friendly maintenance robot.
  • Mad Mushroom.png
    An invincible bouncing mushroom.
  • Mad Mushroom GBC.png
    Poisonous bouncy fungus.
  • Meep.png
    A jovial race of incredibly bad singers found on the planet Vorticon VI.
  • Melon Lips.png
    Lips that can spit seeds very accurately.
  • Messie.png
    A dinosaur-like creature living in the vast seas of Vorticon VI.
  • Mimrock.png
    A rock-like creature that will jump at you when you're looking the other way.
  • Mortimer McMire GBC.png
    The evil genius behind the whole plot.
  • Nospike.png
    A creature with a large spike that will charge at you.
  • Nospike GBC.png
    Pointy-nosed, charging blue alien.
  • Orbatrix.png
    A large flying, bouncing eye.
  • Panting Flower.png
    A creature after being hit by a Flower Power.
  • Pat Pat.png
    Almost a kind of plant that opens and closes its "mouth" trying to chomp Keen if he comes too close. Similar to a Venus Fly Trap.
  • Pea Brain.png
    "Fired" out of a Pea Pod.
  • Pea Pod.png
    Harmless creature that spits out dangerous peas.
  • Keen5 Phaser.png
    These hazards feature a pair of pads, between which is a slowly pulsating laser beam. This laser is lethal to Keen only at its strongest point in the cycle.
  • Keen4 PoisonPool.png
    Poison Pool
    Huge poison traps found in some underground chambers in the Shadowlands; rumor has it they are made from the same poison the Poison Slugs contain in their bodies.
  • Poison Slug.png
    Yellow slugs that leave deadly green puddles everywhere.
  • Poison Slug GBC.png
    Toxic, charging yellow slug.
  • Princess Lindsey.png
    A helpful guide.
  • KeenDreams RF.png
    Radioactive Floor
    Green toxic flooring found on the ground and that is lethal at touch; probably it is secreted by a plant.
  • Keen5 RedGasFlame.png
    Red Gas Flame
    These are emitted from a rotating pipe on the Quantum Explosion Dynamo. They can be passed by walking through when they are pointing downwards.
  • Robo Red.png
    A large red robot.
  • Robo Red GBC.png
    Big red laser-toting robot.
  • Robo-Bloog.png
    Robotic Bloog boss.
  • Schoolfish.png
    Small fish that follow you and provide a handy diversion for the Dopefish.
  • Scrub.png
    Small red robots that work in the Vorticon Mothership.
  • Sentry Droid.png
    Mindless, indestructible Droidiccan sentry.
  • Shelley.png
    A small creature that dive bombs off ledges.
  • Shikadi.png
    The creatures that intend to blow up the galaxy in the Goodbye, Galaxy! series.
  • Shikadi GBC.png
    Electric energy being.
  • Shikadi Master.png
    A more powerful, teleporting Shikadi.
  • Shikadi Master GBC.png
    Shikadi leader, teleporting electric alien.
  • Shikadi Mine.png
    A menacing black bomb that likes to follow intruders.
  • Shikadi Overlord.png
    The big Shikadi boss.
  • Shikadi Sentry.png
    Small, globular robotic Shikadi droid.
  • Shockshund.png
  • Skypest.png
    A pesky flying insect.
  • Slicestar.png
    A large pointy snowflake.
  • Small Thruster.png
    Small Thruster
    These hold up some of the floating ledges in the levels. Their fire can kill Keen. Only found in Hillville, Miragia, and the Isle of Fire.
  • Sour Grape.png
    A fruit hanging from ledges that will try to fall on top of you.
  • Sparky.png
    A grey robot with a dangerous electric spark.
  • Spear.png
    Piston-like spears that come up from the floor or down from the ceilings. Their sharp edges are instantly lethal. Found mainly in caves and the pyramids.
  • Sphereful.png
    A large sphere with dangerously sharp points.
  • Sphereful GBC.png
    Razor coated globular Shikadi droid.
  • Keen4 FloorSpike.png
    Falling into these will quickly bring an end to Keen.
  • Spindred.png
    A dreadful, spinning, bouncing, hero-squashing obstacle.
  • Spirogrip.png
    A hand with strong grip but poor eyesight.
  • Sprite.png
    A white creature found underwater.
  • Squasher.png
    A squash-like creature that will jump up and try to squash you.
  • Tank Robot.png
    These robots exist to kill any intruders. Even friendly ones.
  • Keen4 TarPit.png
    Tar Pit
    These perilous pits can be found underground in some places, and at the surface on the Isle of Tar.
  • Tater Trooper.png
    King Boobus Tuber's minions.
  • Thundercloud.png
    A cloud with a mind of its own and a ferocious lightning strike.
  • Tomatooth.png
    Mad tomatoes with big teeth.
  • Treasure Eater.png
    These guys like to take your items and disappear.
  • Underwater Mine.png
    Floating underwater bombs that explode on contact. They are only found in the Well of Wishes.
  • Volte-face.png
    A pair of electrified eyes.
  • VortiNinja.png
    Dangerous Vorticons only seen on Vorticon VI.
  • Vorticon.png
    A Vorticon Guard actually. Also appears as a Vorticon Commander.
  • Vorticon Elder.png
    The oldest of the Vorticon, they possess vast knowledge of their race.
  • Vorticon Elite.png
    The Elite warriors of the Vorticon race.
  • Vorticon Grunt (red).png
    These are the Vorticons from Episode One, but they have led a more posh lifestyle, so they are weaker.
  • Vorticon Grunt (yellow).png
    These are the Vorticons from Episode One, but they have lived a more posh lifestyle, so they are weaker.
  • Vorticon Woman.png
  • Vorticon Youth.png
  • KeenDreams Water.png
    Keen cannot swim in his PJs so will drown if he ventures too close to this hazard.
  • Waving Tree.png
    A friendly, waving tree.
  • Wormouth.png
    A small creature with a large bite.
  • Yorp.png
    A harmless, happy alien.