Robo Red

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Robo Red
Robo Red.png
Appears inKeen 5, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal (5) / 1 (GBC)

Robo Red is an enemy in Keen 5. One of the most frightening foes aboard the Omegamatic, Robo Red is a robotic guardian that cannot be defeated by Commander Keen. These machines float just above the ground using some sort of green hoverpad on their underside, and when a Robo Red detects Keen's presence, it will rapidly shoot a large number of red laser blasts.

Robo Red in Keen 5.

The official help text states:

Robo Red is a nasty guard. If he hears a sound, he shoots first and asks questions later. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

He can usually be avoided if Keen lets himself fall through a hole, or quickly climbs a pole; the blasts emitted (22!) fan out both up and down for about four tiles, making it very difficult to avoid the blast. Robo Red will pause for a short time before shooting, about 1.5 seconds, giving you valuable time to escape. Despite the prominent eyes Robo Red are almost blind and you can follow behind them with little trouble, they will however respond to you hitting the ground less than six tiles either side of them, and will turn and shoot if you shoot them. They are indestructible.

You can actually stand next to Robo Red and not get shot (you can sometimes duck under the laser blasts too), but then you are standing next to him and that cannot be good.

Robo Reds appear in the following levels in Keen 5:

Appearance in Keen GBC

Robo Red GBC.png

Appearing on the Shikadi World in Keen GBC; here they are much smaller and weaker than their counterparts on the Omegamatic, suggesting that they are protoypes, or first versions. Keen can destroy them with his Neural Ray Blaster and they do not shoot as many shots, though they have better vision and are more intelligent. They are also of a simpler construction.

The description in the game manual is identical to that from Keen 5.

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