Defense Tunnel Sorra

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Defense Tunnel Sorra
Defense Tunnel Sorra.png
GameKeen 5
Level number7
Dimensions200 x 20 tiles
Total points104,600
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::8x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives0
SongBe Very Sphereful With My Diamonds
Map of Defense Tunnel Sorra

Defense Tunnel Sorra is a level in Keen 5, one of the four Defense Tunnels in the second area of the Omegamatic.

This Defense Tunnel blocks access to Neutrino Burst Injector. Movement in the level is mostly horizontal, and the level is much longer horizontally than it is vertically. Keen starts on the left, and the exit is on the right.

There is a secret bonus area with many points at the right wall on the first hole in the level.

At the far end of the level, near the exit, there is a secret compartment. You get there from beside the laser that is shooting down. If you go in, you will be trapped and not be able to finish the level. This problem was solved in the 1993 version of the game.

Miscellaneous info

The level contains 104,600 points in total, but because of the above-mentioned tilemap error, a total of 8,000 points are inaccessible without cheating. It should be 66 Shikadi Gums, 25 Marshmallows, 14 (10) Chocolate Milks, 17 (11) Tart Stixes, 2 Sugar Stoopies Cereals and 13 Bags O' Sugar: 6,600 + 5,000 + 7,000 (5,000) + 17,000 (11,000) + 4,000 + 65,000 = 104,600 (96,600). There are nor jars, neither Kegs O' Vitalin to collected in here.

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