Neutrino Burst Injector

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Neutrino Burst Injector
Neutrino Burst Injector.png
GameKeen 5
Level number8
Dimensions70 x 70 tiles
Total points103,700
Total ammo4 Neural Stunners4 SuperFlowerPower <br />4 Pistol <br />4 VorticonHyperPistol <br />4 Raygun <br />4 ammopack <br />
Extra lives0
SongSpiro Grip Me Tighter
Map of the Neutrino Burst Injector

Neutrino Burst Injector is a level in Keen 5. It contains one of the four machines that Keen must destroy in order to access the locked elevator.

The machine itself is the smallest one of the four machines, containing only one fuse. It has several rotating components, probably related with its neutrino burst functions.

Note that all television screens are turned off in this level, probably because all the energy was needed to power the Injector. This level has lots of Vitalin floating around in large groups.

There is a blue gem to be found in the upper right corner of this level. It has to be used to open a door towards the machine in the lower left corner.

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