Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine

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Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine
Keen 5 title.png
Release dateDecember 18, 1991[1]
Secret levels1
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Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine is the second episode in the Goodbye, Galaxy! series. In this episode, Keen confronts the Shikadi and attempts to destroy the Omegamatic, a device the Shikadi are building to destroy the galaxy.

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Behind the scenes

  • What's that song?
  • Does this episode have any bugs in it?
  • Are there different versions of this episode?
  • How did they develop this episode?
Garg Cydonia.png Beyond the norm


These items are found in this episode.


The following creatures and hazards are found in this episode.

  • Keen5 FireHelix.png
    Fire Helix
    These deadly swirling defence hazards are frequently found aboard the Omegamatic, although some can be found in the Korath III Base too.
  • Korath III Inhabitant.png
    A small creature with no arms that inhabits Korath III.
  • Keen5 LaserCannon.png
    Laser Cannon
    These weapons are frequently found installed in roofs, floors and walls, and they shoot a single purple bullet approximately every three seconds. It is not known whether or not they are related to those found later in Fribbulus Xax.
  • Little Ampton.png
    A purple robot that slides up and down poles.
  • Keen5 Phaser.png
    These hazards feature a pair of pads, between which is a slowly pulsating laser beam. This laser is lethal to Keen only at its strongest point in the cycle.
  • Keen5 RedGasFlame.png
    Red Gas Flame
    These are emitted from a rotating pipe on the Quantum Explosion Dynamo. They can be passed by walking through when they are pointing downwards.
  • Robo Red.png
    A large red robot.
  • Shelley.png
    A small creature that dive bombs off ledges.
  • Shikadi.png
    The creatures that intend to blow up the galaxy in the Goodbye, Galaxy! series.
  • Shikadi Master.png
    A more powerful, teleporting Shikadi.
  • Shikadi Mine.png
    A menacing black bomb that likes to follow intruders.
  • Shockshund.png
  • Slicestar.png
    A large pointy snowflake.
  • Sparky.png
    A grey robot with a dangerous electric spark.
  • Sphereful.png
    A large sphere with dangerously sharp points.
  • Spindred.png
    A dreadful, spinning, bouncing, hero-squashing obstacle.
  • Spirogrip.png
    A hand with strong grip but poor eyesight.
  • Volte-face.png
    A pair of electrified eyes.


Fans have modified the Commander Keen games to produce new games. A few recent mods are shown here, but there are 24 mods for this episode.


  1. As per the last-modified date of included Apogee product catalog