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Korath III Inhabitant.png
Appears inKeen 5
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1

The Korath are the native inhabitants of Korath III. They are small, armless creatures that wear Scottish clothes and have big moustaches. They may be related to Earth's Scots in some way.

They are harmless, peace loving creatures whose only known dislike is of those who park illegally. They are defenseless and easily injured but known for their hospitality (and haggis). They will push around anyone that comes near them, which may inadvertently make that person fall off platforms.

The Korath are seem to be an advanced race, and may have been implicated in the construction of the Omegamatic. They probably use their feet and mouths to manipulate objects. The only known institution they have is the Korath III Police force (which is apparently powerful enough to arrest a shipful of escaping Shikadi).

They can be found in the Keen 5 secret level Korath III Base. The song played in that level, "Bagpipes", is clearly Scottish-inspired.

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