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Appears inKeen 5
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
A Shelley in Keen 5

Shelley are small reddish, possibly insectoid creatures that inhabit the Omegamatic in Keen 5. They appear to be an artificial, though living creature, possibly transported from another planet.

They will walk about aimlessly, not harming anyone until they get close enough to jump on their victims. Landing from a height causes a Shelley to fracture into many pieces and a puff of smoke. Because of their small size, it is difficult to shoot them; however, when shot with the Neural Stunner, they will explode. They can also be killed by making them attack you, and avoiding the explosion and debris.

The official help says:

This tiny darling seems pleasant until you least expect it, then she goes all to pieces!

Shelley are quite rare; they are mostly a curiosity of no consequence, though it may be wise to avoid them near ledges. Their name is a play on the word "shell" and may possibly have something to do with the name "Shelley" also.

Shelly appear in the following levels:

In version 1.4 of Keen 5, Shelleys are able to push the player about; this can be used to finish the game rapidly due to a game bug.

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