Brownian Motion Inducer

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Brownian Motion Inducer
Brownian Motion Inducer.png
GameKeen 5
Level number10
Dimensions70 x 74 tiles
Total points106,700
Total ammo10 Neural Stunners10 SuperFlowerPower <br />10 Pistol <br />10 VorticonHyperPistol <br />10 Raygun <br />10 ammopack <br />
Extra lives1
SongSpiro Grip Me Tighter
Map of the Brownian Motion Inducer

The Brownian Motion Inducer is a level in Keen 5. It contains one of the four machines Keen must destroy to gain access to the locked elevator.

The machine itself is the biggest of the four machines, containing four fuses (for more details, see the easter eggs below).

Easter eggs

  • The first and second names of Tom Hall are spelled out by the pipes in parts of the level.
  • The title of the level, and the machine it contains, is a reference to Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In a further reference, the machine at the end of the level is also brewing a cup of hot tea.

Miscellaneous info

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