Shikadi Gum

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Shikadi Gum
Shikadi Gum.png
Appears inKeen 5
Point value100
Ammo valueN/A
Acts as keycard?No
Gives life?No

Shikadi Gum is an item found in Keen 5. It is most common item aboard the Omegamatic. Despite its name, it is probably not manufactured by, or for Shikadi; as they are energy beings and have no need for food. It is probably produced by the Vitacorp, maybe as a promotional gimmick.

Another kind of gum can be found in Gnosticus IV (in Keen 4), the Three-Tooth Gum.

Appearance in Keen GBC

Shikadi Gum GBC.png
Shikadi Gum also appears in Keen GBC and is worth 10 points in The Plasma Crystal Mines.

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