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This is a pictorial summary of all the items that appear in Keen 5. See also the bare list of Keen 5 items and the complete list of items.


Shikadi Gum.png
Shikadi Gum 100 points
Marshmallow 200 points
Chocolate Milk.png
Chocolate Milk 500 points
Tart Stix.png
Tart Stix 1000 points
Sugar Stoopies Cereal.png
Sugar Stoopies Cereal 2000 points
Bag O' Sugar.png
Bag O' Sugar 5000 points


Gems the "keys" used to open doors
Keycard (Omegamatic).png
Keycard to open security doors
Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner ammunition
Vitalin collect 100 jars to get an extra life
Keg O' Vitalin.png
Keg O' Vitalin extra life


None in Keen 5.

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