Neural Stunner

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Neural Stunner
Neural Stunner.png
Appears inKeen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6
Point valueN/A
Ammo value8 (in Easy)
5 (in Normal/Hard)
Acts as keycard?No
Gives life?No

The Neural Stunner is a weapon found in Keen 4, Keen 5 and Keen 6. Its shots are able to stun many enemies, although some require more than one shot. There are also enemies that cannot be stunned at all. The stunner itself is green as are the shots it fires.

It is believed to be invented by Keen (though this is not stated explicitly). However, there is some doubt over whether Keen invented this weapon, as stunners are found scattered across many planets and in many places, suggesting that they may in fact be a standard weapon used by many races as a form of defense.

Mysteriously, the stunner is only ever used by Keen, though similar weapons are found throughout various episodes (such as a pink version in Keen 6). On the other hand, many of the creatures Keen encounters are too dimwitted to fire guns, so it is possible that these guns are used by someone else, such as Mortimer McMire. It has even been suggested that they were placed to aid Keen so that he would actually stand a chance against Mortimer's forces.

The Neural Stunner is the weakest weapon Keen has used next to Flower Powers, being unable to kill almost any creature attacked, rather causing long term stunning. A number of creatures are only stunned short-term, and some are not stunned at all. Keen's continued use of this weapon must thus be attributed to his humanitarian nature. (Though he does make exceptions, squishing any alien he can, such as Skypests and Bips.) Some creatures are destroyed by the stunner, and several mechanical devices can also be broken, suggesting that the neural stunner acts as an energy weapon rather than a mental one.

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