Flower Power

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Flower Power
Flower Power.png
Appears inKeen Dreams
Point valueN/A
Ammo value1
Acts as keycard?No
Gives life?No

Flower Powers are small spherical objects with a flower emblem on them. Very little is known about what they are, or how they operate, but they may be closely related to flour bombs. The name apparently comes from the fact that they are plant based and also the peaceful flower power movements of the 1960s. This is appropriate, as they are the weakest weapon Keen uses, being unable to kill anything at all, instead turning anything they hit into a Panting Flower for a period of time that depends on the difficulty setting Keen is playing at (15 seconds for easy, 10 seconds for medium and 5 seconds for hard). The creature will then morph back to its original form.

Flower Powers must be thrown and will bounce slightly when they hit the ground. While unclaimed Flower Powers will wait for Keen to collect them, any Keen has thrown will flash, then disappear if not reclaimed in under two seconds. Flower Powers can only cause damage while moving, unlike Boobus Bombs which can hurt King Boobus Tuber while stationary. Keen will find individual Flower Powers scattered throughout Tuberia and sets of five in the form of potted plants.