Boobus Bomb

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Boobus Bomb
Boobus Bomb.png
Appears inKeen Dreams
Point valueN/A
Ammo valueOne bomb
Acts as keycard?No
Gives life?No
Keen going to get some Boobus Bombs

Boobus Bombs are bombs which are used against King Boobus Tuber in Keen Dreams. Keen must collect 12 of them in order to destroy King Boobus Tuber by throwing the bombs at him. The bombs are scattered through the Keen Dreams levels, however not every level has them.

The bombs are found in sets of three bombs each in various levels. Some levels have three, while Apple Acres and Spud City have six. Keen must complete at least three levels with bombs in them to acquire enough bombs to defeat King Boobus. He cannot enter level 16 Boobus' Chamber without at least 12 bombs, though he can collect all 24 found in the game.

When Keen enters a level with bombs, the message "Boobus Bombs near!" flashes on the screen. Levels with Boobus Bombs in them include Grape Grove, The Melon Mines, Squash Swamp, Apple Acres and Spud City. It may pay to stock up with extra bombs in case you "drop" some in Boobus' Chamber.

It is not known why King Boobus allows such bombs to reside in his kingdom, as they appear to be the only means of destroying him. It is possible they were built by the many children kidnapped by his Tater Troopers and that he is unaware of their existence. Boobus Bombs explode on contact with King Boobus only and will not disappear if they miss their target (unlike Flower Powers).