Tater Trooper

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Tater Trooper
Tater Trooper.png
Appears inKeen Dreams
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
A Tater Trooper in Keen Dreams

Tater Troopers are the minions of King Boobus Tuber, the ruler of Tuberia in Keen Dreams. The Tater Troopers are perhaps the most common enemy, almost 200 being encountered throughout the game. They appear to do the enforcing work of their king using bayonets with which they will slash at anyone who comes near. They are also apparently in charge of the human slaves captured while they dream using the Dream Machine.

They take the form of giant walking potatoes wearing hats. They will follow Keen if they can see him and attack instantly when they are one tile away. Keen is noted for only killing two of them, frying them with his Vorticon HyperPistol before running out of ammunition. They appear to be reasonably intelligent and fond of finishing each other's sentences. The name "Tater Trooper" is a combination of "tater" (slang for potatoes) and "trooper" (soldier).

The in-game help states about them:

They are dumb, but they can be dangerous!

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