The Land of Tuberia

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The Land of Tuberia as seen in Keen Dreams

The Land of Tuberia is the main level map for Keen Dreams. This is where Keen awakes when he falls asleep at the start of Keen Dreams. It is ruled over by King Boobus Tuber and his army of Tater Troopers which carry out his commands. This is also where Tuberia gets its name from. There are five named areas found in Tuberia:

There is no named area associated with Horseradish Hill and The Melon Mines.

There are also four small secret levels that cannot be reached from the map. (Or without cheating.)

The Land of Tuberia itself exists only in a dream dimension, to reach it one has to be dreaming and brought to Tuberia itself by some means. Keen (and many other children) were kidnapped using the Dream Machine, then enslaved. The Dream Machine may be the only thing keeping children in Tuberia, as when it is deactivated, Keen (and presumably all the other children) fall asleep and subsequently awake on Earth.

Tuberia is a temperate place. It consists of rivers, lakes, streams, forests and fields. The forests appear quite friendly, with trees often waving at Keen on the map.

It is possible that nobody can die in Tuberia as anyone injured falls asleep. It is possible they will simply reawaken, or go back to Earth. King Boobus Tuber however is most definitely killed eventually. Tuberia seems to "float" in the sky, having a definite edge, and thus likely being flat like the world was once imagined to be.

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