Spud City

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Spud City
Spud City.png
GameKeen Dreams
Level number7
Collectibles[[Has collectible::6 x Boobus Bombs]]
Total points38,000
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + 39 Flower Powers39 PistolShot <br /> individual shots
Extra lives6
Map of Spud City

Spud City is the seventh level in Tuberia. Despite its name, Spud City does not look like much of a city and most of its structure is actually underground. Above ground is made up of mostly wooden platforms to jump onto and one tower with a long pole. It is fairly easy to reach the exit, which is on the other side of the screen from where Keen starts. However, with 6 extra lives, 6 Boobus Bombs and the highest amount of points available in a single level, one would like to think no player would pass up attempting to obtain all the numerous goodies.

Spud City contains quite a few rarities throughout the level. First of all, it is one of two levels where the Magic Eyeball is found, the other level being The Melon Mines. Secondly, it is one of two levels where 6 extra lives (1 Magic Eyeball + 3 Keens) can be found, the other level again being The Melon Mines. Thirdly, this is one of a few levels that have hidden areas and secret passages. In fact, this level has a complex network of secret passages and hidden areas underground. With no cheat code to reveal the secret passages, the player will have to do extensive exploration in order to find his/her way around the lower caverns. Without knowing where to find these passages, it may very well be impossible to go back up to the surface and to the exit. Many points and all 6 extra lives are hidden down here.

Fourth, this is one of two levels where going into the water will not kill Keen, the other level being Bridge Bottoms. A word of caution though, there is only one place where this will happen. Go into the water anywhere else and Keen will die. Fifth, this is only one of two levels where mosquitoes can be found, the other level is also Bridge Bottoms. Sixth and lastly, this is one of two levels were 6 Boobus Bombs can be found, the other level being Apple Acres.

Because there are 6 Boobus Bombs found in this level, if a player decided to finish the game by completing the fewest number of levels, all they would have to do is complete this level and Apple Acres in order to get the required 12 Boobus Bombs and then complete the only 3 required levels Horseradish Hill, Castle Tuberia and Boobus' Chamber and finish the game in 5 levels. The creatures you will encounter is this level are the Asparagusto, the Frenchy, a Melon Lips, and the Tater Trooper.