Apple Acres

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Apple Acres
Apple Acres.png
GameKeen Dreams
Level number9
Collectibles[[Has collectible::6 x Boobus Bombs]]
Total points22,300
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + 35 Flower Powers35 PistolShot <br /> individual shots
Extra lives2
Apple Acres map

Apple Acres is probably one of the more complex levels in Keen Dreams. It contains many poles for Keen to climb up to many different structures, while the Apels crawl up and down the poles to prepare for attack. The exit is on the opposite side of the level to the starting point.

It is notable for the fact that it contains the only Pea Pod in the game, and that it is also the only level where the Apels appear. Another two rarities in this level are tracks and a Canteloupe Cart, the only other level featuring these being The Melon Mines. It is also one of two levels where six Boobus Bombs can be found instead of the usual three (the other being Spud City). There is also a secret passage for eagle-eyed players.