The Melon Mines

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The Melon Mines
The Melon Mines.png
GameKeen Dreams
Level number2
Collectibles[[Has collectible::3 x Boobus Bombs]]
Total points14,900
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + 33 Flower Powers33 PistolShot <br /> individual shots
Extra lives6
Map of The Melon Mines

The Melon Mines is the second level in Tuberia. Even though this level is slightly more complex than the first level, it is still relatively easy to make it to the exit. However, there are plenty of goodies in the level that the player may want to collect such as six extra lives and three Boobus Bombs. The Melon Mines is only one of two levels where the Magic Eyeball can be found. The other level is Spud City. This is also one of two levels where tracks and Canteloupe Carts can be found. The other level is Apple Acres. This is mostly a vertical level with many rock platforms and requires a lot of jumping around to get to places. Keep in mind that if Keen goes to the bottom too quickly or falls down too far, many areas in the top of the level will become inaccessible. This is the first of only a few levels in Keen Dreams where hidden areas and secret passages can be found. Unlike the later Keen games, there is no cheat code available that will reveal where the secret areas are. Only through careful exploration will the player be able to find these areas. It is unknown why this mine was built. Creatures you will encounter in this level are the Asparagusto, a Carrot Courier, Melon Lips, the Tater Trooper, and the Tomatooth.