Carrot Courier

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Carrot Courier
Carrot Courier.png
Appears inKeen Dreams
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1
A Carrot Courier in Keen Dreams

Carrot Couriers are comparatively rare and harmless creatures found in The Land of Tuberia in Keen Dreams. They are somewhat carrot shaped and wear running shoes. They move as fast as Keen can run and are always speeding around the levels. They are always near cliffs, which they jump with ease. They can be permanently killed by shooting them as they jump across these gaps (all but one Courier can be killed in this manner.)

They will not hurt Keen, but will push him around, usually toward and off a cliff ­just like the yorps in Keen 1.

The in-game help describes them as the following:

These guys have tennis shoes and they are in a HURRY! They won't hurt you but they can push you off whatever you're standing on.

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