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Appears inKeen 1, Keen 2 Story, Keen 4 Story, Keen 6 demo
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1
Walking speed60
A Yorp in Keen 1

Yorps are friendly one-eyed Martians. Physically they resemble Gargs slightly, but they are smaller in size and have one eye on a stalk instead of two. Yorps are very happy, and not dangerous at all. Yorps were slaves to Gargs before the Viking probe landed on the despotic Martian king, freeing them from their masters.

They seem to be suitable for pets, and Keen has actually had one as a pet since his trip to Mars. His pet Yorp is called Spot. The only danger the Yorps represent is that they can accidentally push Keen into something deadly. They move quite slowly and often make small jumps, as if they are excited to be alive. Unlike Gargs, Yorps have only one buck-tooth in their lower jaw giving them quite a cute appearance. No doubt this is why Keen takes one home as a pet at the end of the first episode.

A Yorp on Fribbulus Xax!

Yorps can be stunned for a few seconds by jumping on them, and it takes one shot to kill them.

The hint sheet states about them:

These lovable, one-eyed green Martians are friendly. Very friendly. Too friendly.

Yorps can also be seen on the world map of Keen 6 demo version, probably representing Spot. They are sitting on signs that read "DEMO", presumably to tell the player that the version of the game they are playing is a demo version. Spot does also appear in the stories of Keen 2 and Keen 4.

In the Keen 4 Story, an alien sitcom called My Favorite Yorp (clearly based on My Favorite Martian) is mentioned. It is not clear whether it is broadcast by Martians or by some other aliens that find Yorps funny.


The cuteness of Yorps has also paved the way for them to make cameo appearances in other games. They make an appearance in the Jump-and-Run game Point One (broken link), as well as Bio Menace, to name a few. A full list of cameo appearances is available in the Cameo Appearances article.

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