Fribbulus Xax

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Map of Fribbulus Xax

Fribbulus Xax is the home planet of the Bloog and is the setting for Keen 6. It harbors a wide variety of native species, including Bloogs and Fleexes.

Fribbulus Xax is a fairly technologically advanced world, having produced an orbital space fortress, space station, and a variety of industries. However, the Bloogs themselves, though they built most of the cities and other buildings on the planet, are not particularly intelligent, and it was the Fleex who designed those buildings. As a result, many places on the planet are crudely built; this is seen in the haphazard bolting, poor paint jobs, and general irregularities that plague much of the world.

The overall biota seems to be fairly decent. There are overgrown, mutated and/or mixed creatures and plants, resemblant to those from Earth.

The industrial progress the native civilization of Fribbulus Xax has made to this point is remarkable, regarding the fact that the inhabitants seem to be a not very intelligent species. Curiously, most of the structures and items that can be found on Fribbulus Xax can be found on Earth as well (or at the very least resemble those from Earth).

This planet also bears the elements necessary for a human to survive there. There is water (a lake can be seen just as soon as one starts a new game), air (it does not seem as though Keen needs any breathing equipment) and also dry earth and sand. Plants are spread on the map, which means that the surface on Fribbulus Xax bears valuable minerals.

The song played while Keen is on the map is "Aliens Ate My Babysitter".

Keen GBC

The surface of Fribbulus Xax as it appears in Keen GBC

Fribbulus Xax appears in Keen GBC where it is home to many aliens found in Keen 6 and some other creatures unique to the game. It also strangely contains the Dopefish, though this may be a different species of Dopefish from the one found in the Shadowlands as Keen GBC's Dopefish is much smaller. Fribbulus Xax in Keen GBC contains three levels: