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Appears inKeen 6, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat4 (6), 1 (GBC)
A Fleex in Keen 6

Fleex are large cyan aliens found in Keen 6. They are notable for having five eyes and one ear. Fleex are nearly blind, needing dark glasses to keep out sunlight from their underused and atrophied eyes. They get about by listening to the movements of other creatures, though occasionally they will remove their glasses to look for prey. When they spot some prey, they will move toward it. They are quite tough, taking four shots to stun.

Fleex are relatively intelligent and thus found in buildings and scattered randomly around the planet. They are dangerous to approach, as their hands are three-clawed clampers/pincers that are capable of shredding anything they touch. Having no feet, Fleex must crawl around on a number of octopus-like legs.

The Fleex are responsible for designing all the buildings and machines on Fribbulus Xax, but sadly, the Bloogs are the ones that built them as is readily apparent in the poor construction work.

Appearance in Keen GBC

Fleex GBC.png

The Fleex also appear in Keen GBC, where they differ markedly from their Keen 6 counterparts, being smaller and dark orange, with only two eyes and normal hands. They are still deadly to the touch and are more intelligent. It is explained that their long time in basement labs have caused their loss of eyesight and large ear as compensation. The ear is not visible and the number of eyes reduced in the GBC version however, suggesting that the Fleex may have split into two related species, the five and two eyed.

The game manual describes them as the following:

The Fleex are amongst the finest engineers in the universe, having designed all of the buildings and devices on Fribbulus Xax. Unfortunately, the Bloogs built them, devastating the sleek and elegant designs. The Fleex have very sensitive eyes (a natural consequence of spending a lifetime in a basement lab). To compensate, they've developed an oversized ear which allows them to hear other creatures as they move around.

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