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Appears inKeen 1
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
Walking speed60/220

The Garg is an aggressive, native Martian creature seen in Keen 1. Gargs are coloured green and have two eyes on stalks, two legs, no arms, and large mouth full of teeth. Gargs can be killed with only one shot, but their speed and ability to make long jumps make them a dangerous enemy.

A Garg in Keen 1

Prior to the landing of one of the American Viking probes, Yorps were slaves to Gargs. Viking landed on a despotic Martian king who, presumably, was a Garg (the official story does not say what race the king was.)

Whereas the Yorp statues inside martian shrines give out useful hints, the sole Garg statue of the game makes Keen hear a Garg shout in his mind: "GAAARRRRRGG!" The original Keen 1–3 hint sheet explains this as being due to he fact that the Gargs are mad at Yorps, mad at themselves, mad at dirt, and it seems mad at just about anything. They are personifications of the 'Id' from Freudian psychology. The full description is:

These wild-eyed, teeth-gritting Martian monsters are angry at you, angry at themselves, angry at dirt, angry at clouds ─ just plain angry. If Freud were to see them, he would call them the "Id." (This, and being "In Demand," are two of the meanings of our company name.)

A walking Garg.

It has been speculated that Gargs must be vegetarian due to the rather blunt rectangular form of their teeth. This has been disproved. Garg-like creatures were also seen in Monuments of Mars, but it is believed that they are of a different species.

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