Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle

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Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle
Keen 4 title.png
Release dateNovember 22, 1991[1]
Secret levels1
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Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle is the first episode in the Goodbye, Galaxy! series. Keen must explore the Shadowlands to find and rescue members of the High Council of Gnosticus IV who have been kidnapped by the Shikadi.

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Robo Wreck.png Beyond the norm


These items are found in this episode.


The following creatures and hazards are found in this episode.

  • Arachnut.png
    A green crab-like creature, commonly found in the desert.
  • Berkeloid.png
    A fiery creature.
  • Blue Bird.png
    An invincible eagle-like creature.
  • Blue Bird Egg.png
    A fragile egg that when broken, will produce a Blue Bird.
  • Bounder.png
    A happy red bouncing ball, not afraid of giving you a lift.
  • Council Member.png
    The people you are rescuing.
  • Keen4 KnifeShooter.png
    Dart Gun
    Automatic traps hidden in the Pyramids of Shadowlands, these shoot sharp poison darts at Keen from floor, ceiling or wall mounted positions. Keen will die if he is hit by one of the darts, or if he touches one of the guns.
  • Dopefish.png
    'nuff said. First ever appearance in Keen 4.
  • Keen4 Fire.png
    Blazing traps, found in some hideous places. They are extremely abundant in the Isle of Fire.
  • Foot.png
    A means to get to the secret level.
  • Inchworm.png
    A small worm (see also Foot).
  • Large Thruster.png
    Large Thruster
    These hold up some of the floating ledges in the levels. Their fire can kill Keen. Only found in Hillville, Miragia, and the Isle of Fire.
  • Lick.png
    A small blue fire-breathing ball.
  • Mad Mushroom.png
    An invincible bouncing mushroom.
  • Mimrock.png
    A rock-like creature that will jump at you when you're looking the other way.
  • Keen4 PoisonPool.png
    Poison Pool
    Huge poison traps found in some underground chambers in the Shadowlands; rumor has it they are made from the same poison the Poison Slugs contain in their bodies.
  • Poison Slug.png
    Yellow slugs that leave deadly green puddles everywhere.
  • Princess Lindsey.png
    A helpful guide.
  • Schoolfish.png
    Small fish that follow you and provide a handy diversion for the Dopefish.
  • Skypest.png
    A pesky flying insect.
  • Small Thruster.png
    Small Thruster
    These hold up some of the floating ledges in the levels. Their fire can kill Keen. Only found in Hillville, Miragia, and the Isle of Fire.
  • Spear.png
    Piston-like spears that come up from the floor or down from the ceilings. Their sharp edges are instantly lethal. Found mainly in caves and the pyramids.
  • Keen4 FloorSpike.png
    Falling into these will quickly bring an end to Keen.
  • Sprite.png
    A white creature found underwater.
  • Keen4 TarPit.png
    Tar Pit
    These perilous pits can be found underground in some places, and at the surface on the Isle of Tar.
  • Thundercloud.png
    A cloud with a mind of its own and a ferocious lightning strike.
  • Treasure Eater.png
    These guys like to take your items and disappear.
  • Underwater Mine.png
    Floating underwater bombs that explode on contact. They are only found in the Well of Wishes.
  • Wormouth.png
    A small creature with a large bite.


Fans have modified the Commander Keen games to produce new games. A few recent mods are shown here, but there are 48 mods for this episode.


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