Blue Bird

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Blue Bird
Blue Bird.png
Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatInvincible, but can be stunned with one shot.

Blue Birds are creatures found in the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV. Blue birds hatch from eggs which are often found nearby other blue birds. They can be encountered both prior to hatching and in regular form. These enemies march about the ground, pacing back and forth until Keen comes in range of them, at which point they take off and give chase through the air. They can be temporarily paralyzed with one shot from the Neural Stunner.

The Blue Bird is not mentioned in the In-Game Help text, and thus, there is no text available. "Blue Bird" is not even an official name, as these are ordinarily listed through the help text.

Physiology and Behavior

A stunned blue bird next to an unhatched Blue Bird Egg in the Chasm of Chills.

Blue Birds are, as their names suggest, blue birds resembling eagles. They have large blue wings that allow them to pursue Keen aerially, as well as short legs which allow them to patrol the ground while not flying. They cannot be completely stunned, but stop momentarily when hit by a shot, similarly to Arachnuts. If this occurs while the Blue Bird is in the air, it will drop to the ground, and can resume flight once it revives itself.


Their resistance to being stunned as well as their maneuverability to virtually any area of the level makes Blue Birds a serious threat. If Keen comes into contact with them at any point, he is killed instantly, with the exception of hitting an unhatched blue bird egg, which will break, releasing the enemy within.


This creature can be found in the following locations.

Location Easy Normal Hard
Chasm of Chills Y* Y Y
Crystalus Y* Y Y

*-Enemy only appears after Blue Bird Egg has been hatched.

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