Gnosticus IV

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Planet Gnosticus IV (fan-made image)

Gnosticus IV is the planet where the Shadowlands are located, and where Keen 4 takes place. It is an Earth sized planet, the fourth out from its star. It seems that the majority of the surface is covered in forest or temperate grassland with several major deserts and a snow-capped mountainous region.

The life on Gnosticus IV is similar to that on Earth, with similar gravity, plant life that uses chlorophyll and a protective atmosphere. Unlike Earth however, the Lifewater on Gnosticus IV is far more invigorating.

There are many different animal species throughout the land. The only technologically advanced one seems to be the Gnosticenes, which are very human-like but seem to possess some sort of magical powers. The planet is known in the Galaxy mainly because of the incredibly-wise Oracle the Gnosticenes protect.

The main area of interest is the so called Shadowlands, an area of untamed wilderness, surrounded on all sides by dense forest or mountains. It has been heavily settled by Poison Slugs and Licks as well as being the home of an ancient (and apparently extinct) Gnosticene civilization.