Poison Slug

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Poison Slug
Poison Slug.png
Appears inKeen 4, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
A Poison Slug in Keen 4

Poison Slugs are yellow slugs that live in Gnosticus IV.

Poison Slugs are some of the most common inhabitants of the Shadowlands. They can be found in almost every level in Keen 4. However, they move slowly and are easily stunned by Keen with one shot.

Puddle of Slug poison. Fresh in the first frame, almost disappeared in the second, and gone in the third.

They are noted for leaving small puddles of poison wherever they go, which is strong enough to kill anyone at the slightest touch, much like the Slugs themselves. Most Shadowlands species have developed a tolerance for this toxin however, and the Slugs are unobtrusive. The poison disappears quite quickly.

A Slug sleeping under the ground.

Some Slugs can be seen sleeping under the ground. They probably are young Slugs, which live underground before reaching maturity. They may have an extensive tunnel network beneath the surface. These sleeping Slugs are mostly found in Slug Village, which may be the main Slug center in the Shadowlands.

Though there is no evidence to suggest that the Slugs are sentient or technologically advanced, there is a strange structure that raises questions about them. In a cave below Border Village, there is a huge sculpture of a Poison Slug King, flanked by a couple of torches and two poison pools. It is not known who built the statue, as the Slugs do not seem capable of doing it. It may be possible that the Gnosticenes who once lived there had some sort of tribal religion centered on Slugs, or that the Slugs themselves were once more advanced and somehow de-evolved to their current state.

The in-game help states of these Slugs:

The most common inhabitant of the Shadowlands, Poison Slugs mean trouble twice — once if you touch them, twice if you should land on the puddles of poison they leave behind!

Appearance in Keen GBC

Poison Slug GBC.png

The Slugs also appear in Keen GBC, where they are almost identical to their Keen 4 counterparts. This may be further evidence that the slugs are not from the Shadowlands, and may not even be from the Shikadi World that they also appear on. Here however, the Slugs are bolder and continent. Rather than leaving puddles of slime, they will charge Keen on sight and run him down, suggesting that some changes have occurred to adapt Slugs to the Shadowlands environment, which may be similar to ther 'home' environs.

The game manual describes them as the following:

The most common inhabitant of the Mushroom Forest, Poison Slugs mean trouble twice—once if you touch them, twice if they charge at you!

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