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Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?Not directly, Yes when throwing fire
Shots to defeat1
A Lick in Keen 4

Licks are small, spherical blue creatures found on Gnosticus IV; sack-like in form and appearance they move in short hops or longer leaps over the ground, like a living hackey-sack.

They themselves are harmless until they approach their intended prey, which they will roast alive with a hot lounge of flame — possibly produced by mixing two separate chemicals in their mouths and then spitting. They will chase after anything they believe they are capable of defeating but are easily stunned. The creature's spherical shape suggests a relation to the Bounder.

The official help says of the Lick:

These blue beanbag-like monsters breathe a deadly lick of fire.

Licks can be usually found in enclosed areas, and away from any water source. There are Licks in the following locations in the Shadowlands:

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