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Appears inKeen 4, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1 (4) / Invincible (GBC)

Bounders are ball-shaped creatures native to Gnosticus IV, specifically the Shadowlands. They bounce around, occasionally getting in the way, but are otherwise harmless.

The in-game help text states: These red, friendly, bouncing guys can be annoying, but they can be helpful, too!

Physiology and Behaviour

Bounders are red, ball-like creatures. They have large, connected eyes. These eyes can be opened and closed, or at the least made smaller and larger. They also have two somewhat thick, black, detached eyebrows which float above their eyes. Bounders lack any visible teeth, which would presumably make eating difficult. Their diet is unknown, but is assumed to consist of plants and such. Unlike the Dopefish, they do not eat heroes. They are very tough and can be stood upon and pogoed off of, which often allows Keen to reach higher areas. During the day, they bounce around the planet randomly. It is unknown whether or not they ever sleep, since the games in which they are found occur during the day.


Alone, these creatures can cause no harm to Keen. They do have the uncanny ability to push Keen into hazards, similar to other creatures throughout the series, such as Yorps. Other creatures that possess this ability include Butler Robots, Scrubs, Carrot Couriers, Little Amptons, Koraths, and Blooglets.


This creature can be found in the following locations.

Location Easy Normal Hard
Border Village Y Y Y
Slug Village Y Y Y
The Perilous Pit Y Y Y
Hillville Y Y Y


  • If you shoot a bounder while riding it, if timed correctly, it will jump even higher than normal before finally falling to the ground.
  • Bounders can be ridden upon to reach higher areas, and can even be pogoed off of.

Appearance in Keen GBC

Bounder GBC.png

Bounders also appear in Keen GBC. The description in the manual is slightly different from that in Keen 4 one:

These red, friendly, bouncing guys can help you reach high places!

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