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GameKeen 4
Level number7
Dimensions150 x 44 tiles
Total points33,100
Total ammo7 Neural Stunners7 ammopack <br />7 VorticonHyperPistol <br />7 Pistol <br />7 SuperFlowerPower <br />7 Raygun <br />
Extra lives1
SongTropical Ghost Oasis
Map of Hillville

Hillville is a level in Keen 4. It is located roughly in the middle of the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV, over some grassy hills.

Hillville is a very simple level, consisting of an horizontal stretch of land, with a few small holes and hills. There are a few hazards to avoid, such as spikes and fire. Near the end, Keen has to activate a switch to a moving platform, to go over the fire, and reach the final area and the exit.

Despite the thumbnail of the level in the world map, there are no stone houses inside the level. In fact, there seems to be no reason to call it a village, as no significant concentration of creatures can be found. The level is populated by Poison Slugs, Mad Mushrooms and a Bounder, and the Inchworms make their first appearance.

There are two secret, optional areas filled with points. To get to both areas, Keen has to find invisible, small bricks that float in the air (similar to the hidden bricks in Keen 1). These bricks flash from time to time, revealing their presence. The hidden bricks lead to two areas with floating glass platforms. Besides some points, the first area leads to several Neural Stunners, and to an extra life. The second area leads to an Ice Cream Cone.

Although this level is not required to complete the game, Princess Lindsey can be found midway through the level. She provides the player with a helpful hint:

There's gear to help you swim in Three-Tooth Lake. It is hidden in Miragia.

Miscellaneous info

  • See also Chasm of Chills, where Princess Lindsey appears again.
  • There are 33,100 points in Hillville. That means 2 Shikadi Sodas and 2 Three-Tooth Gums, 13 Shikkers Candy Bars, 9 Jawbreakers, 6 Doughnuts and 1 Ice Cream Cone (200 + 400 + 6,500 + 9,000 + 12,000 + 5,000 = 33,100). There aren't many drops in here: 25 all-in-all. A Lifewater Flask is accessible through the first optional area.
  • See also List of Keen 4 levels.