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This is a list of all the levels in Keen 4. The level numbers are used with the F10+W cheat and the text is what appears on the screen when Keen enters each level.

Overhead Map

Main Levels

A graph showing the order in which the levels must be played.
Border Village.png
1. Keen makes a run for the Border Village
Slug Village.png
2. Keen slips into Slug Village
The Perilous Pit.png
3. Keen plummets into the The Perilous Pit (sic)
Cave of the Descendents.png
4. Keen plods down into the Cave of the Descendents
Chasm of Chills.png
5. Keen shivers along the Chasm of Chills
6. Keen reflects upon entering Crystalus
7. Keen stumbles upon Hillville
Sand Yego.png
8. Keen grits his teeth and enters Sand Yego
9. Keen disappears into Miragia
Lifewater Oasis.png
10. Keen crawls into Lifewater Oasis
Pyramid of the Moons.png
11. Keen backs into the Pyramid of the Moons
Pyramid of Shadows.png
12. Keen move (sic) silently in the Pyramid of Shadows
Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients.png
13. Keen reverently enters the Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients
Isle of Tar.png
15. Keen mucks along the Isle of Tar
Isle of Fire.png
16. Keen blazes across the Isle of Fire
Well of Wishes.png
17. Keen hopefully enters the Well of Wishes
Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket (Keen 4 Level).png
18. Keen launches into the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket

Secret Levels

Pyramid of the Forbidden.png
14. Keen hesitantly crosses into the Pyramid of the Forbidden

Inaccessible Levels

High Scores (Keen 4 Level).png
19. High Scores

Note that since you cannot warp to the high scores level, you need to be creative to access it, i.e. record a demo of it.