Well of Wishes

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Well of Wishes
Well of Wishes.png
GameKeen 4
Level number17
LocationThree-Tooth Lake
CollectiblesCouncil Member
Dimensions100 x 100 tiles
Total points20,600
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + N/A"N/A" is not a number. individual shots
Extra lives1
Song"You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!!"
Map of the Well of Wishes

The Well of Wishes is a level in Keen 4. It is located on one of the three islands in Three-Tooth Lake, in the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV. Its entrance appears to be a well, and the inside of the level seems to be the watery depths within the well.

The level is interesting in many aspects. It is the only underwater level in the Keen series, and controlling the scuba-diving Keen is radically different in it. The level being underwater, Keen cannot jump or use his pogo stick, and the Neural Stunner does not work, either. (Note: By pressing the jump key, Keen can gain more speed, though.) Due to it being the only underwater level, it features creatures not seen elsewhere in the game, such as Sprites, Schoolfish, and the most famous Keen creature, Dopefish. There are also Underwater Mines that explode on contact.

The level is a huge underwater maze of tunnels, with most of them leading to dead-ends, some containing point items. Keen has to swim his way around it, and eventually get to a cave where, after a stone door frame, is the Council Member. This last cave is guarded by one or two Dopefishes, depending on the difficulty level. With two Dopefish, passing through can be a big challenge.

Miscellaneous info

  • The total points in the Well is 20,600. That means 7 Shikadi Sodas, 22 Three-Tooth Gums, 13 Shikkers Candy Bars and 9 Jawbreakers (700 + 4,400 + 6,500 + 9,000 = 20,600). As an underwater level, there are no drops to be collected (unfortunately, there aren't any Doughnuts or Ice Cream Cones either). There's a single Lifewater Flask near the beginning.
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