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Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatN/A
Some Schoolfish in Keen 4

Schoolfish are harmless small green fish only seen in the Keen 4 underwater level Well of Wishes in Three-Tooth Lake.

Schoolfish are so named as they like to travel about in large schools, making them easy to catch. They are preyed on by almost everything from Sprites to Dopefish and thus seek protection in numbers. Incurably curious, they will follow any strange fish around so long as they are not attacked, something human divers have found annoying, though useful in a tight spot.

Schoolfish will follow Keen as closely as possible. Dopefish like to eat them, and they can be used to trick the Dopefish by letting them eat the schoolfish while Keen swims to safer waters.

Little is known of Schoolfish biology, although it is suspected that they are baby Dopefish (though in that case, the Dopefish would be a cannibal).

The in-game help states:

These fish are real follow-the-leader types.

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