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Council Member
Council Member.png
Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
A Council Member in Keen 4

The Council Members are a specially selected group of eight Gnosticenes whose job it is to look after, protect and at times activate the Oracle. Together, they form the High Council of Gnosticus IV, and are sometimes refered to as "Keepers of the Oracle". They are helped by a janitor (that looks just like them) and they are served by Council Pages.

They are rather humanoid in form, being almost indistinguishable from actual humans, though they are slightly shorter in stature. The High Council is known to be immortal, but it is not known whether other Gnosticenes are. Neither is it known how and why they ended up being immortal.

According to Keen 4 Story, the Council Members owe Keen a favor (though the reason is not mentioned), and that is why they are going to help him with the Oracle. That may mean that the High Council only allows some people to access the Oracle. It also implies that Keen has had previous dealings with the Council Members.

The Gannalech, who was fearful of the Oracle's ability to foretell both his location and plans, sent the Shikadi to capture the Council Members. As they could not kill them, they scattered them to the four corners of the Shadowlands with the intention that they would then be unable to activate the Oracle. They were trapped in several difficult to reach places (indeed one was banished underwater), and hideous creatures were left to guard them. The Shikadi do not appear to have thought of destroying the Oracle to stop it from being used, though it simply may be indestructible.

The official help says about them:

These are the Gnosticenes you are trying to rescue. There are eight of them hidden in the depths of the Shadowlands.

A Council Member about to activate the Oracle

Keen's job in Keen 4 is to rescue them so he can discover what the Shikadi are up to. The eight Council Members are trapped in the following locations. In all the levels, except for the Isle of Fire, the Council Members are trapped somewhere behind a stone gateway with a green gem on its top.

Keen having rescued a Council Member

The High Council janitor is trapped in the Pyramid of the Forbidden, though it is not necessary to free him to finish Keen 4.

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