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Keen 4 Star Wars like scrolling text story

Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle begins months after Keen frees the Vorticons from Mortimer McMire. While trying out his latest invention, the Photachyon Transceiver, Keen stumbles upon a strange, distorted message spoken in Omnispeak, a language which the Vorticons had taught him. From what he can hear in the transmission, Keen learns that an unknown race called the Shikadi are going to destroy the Milky Way in the name of a mysterious Gannalech. He thinks it sounds like a job for Commander Keen, so he dons his brother's football helmet and sets his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket towards Gnosticus IV, the home planet of the Gnosticenes, the guardians of the Oracle — they owe him one, from some adventure never mentioned in greater detail. Keen needs information on who the Shikadi are and where he can find them.

When he arrives at his target he meets an irritating and scared Council Page who tells him that the Shikadi had been there, that they had taken the Council Members, and that they imprisoned them in the Shadowlands far to the west (evidently the Shikadi were worried or aware that the Oracle knew of their plans and acted to prevent the Oracle from telling anyone). Stranding the Council Members in the wilderness was the easiest way to keep them from interfering, as they are immortal. Keen decides to rescue them and flies to the Shadowlands, where dangerous creatures lurk in the jungles and deserts, caves and even underwater — some of them being native and others what the Shikadi left there to guard the Gnosticenes.