Pyramid of the Forbidden

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Pyramid of the Forbidden
Pyramid of the Forbidden.png
GameKeen 4
Level number14
LocationHidden in the Shadowlands
Dimensions100 x 90 tiles
Total points77,300
Total ammo5 Neural Stunners5 ammopack <br />5 VorticonHyperPistol <br />5 Pistol <br />5 SuperFlowerPower <br />5 Raygun <br />
Extra lives2
SongToo Hot to Handle
Required?No (unless you start it)"No (unless you start it)" is not recognised as a Boolean (true/false) value.
Secret Level!
Pyramid of the Forbidden map

The Pyramid of the Forbidden is the secret level of Commander Keen 4, accessible only through the Pyramid of the Moons. It the hardest of the Pyramids of Shadowlands, and possibly the most difficult level in the game. It is located in the jungles of the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV.

The level has a drawing of the palm of a hand over its entrance, encouraging Keen to "stop", and implying the pyramid is forbidden. Interestingly enough, the hand is similar to the ones used in Keen 6 to indicate optional, dangerous areas. There are also five signs in the SGA that say Watch Out.

The pyramid is divided in six different sections. Keen must first go down through three sections, and then up again through three more sections. The bottom of the pyramid is a big tar pit. The level is full of Poison Slugs, Licks and Skypests. There is also a lone Mad Mushroom. There are also several knife shooters throughout the level, along with a lot of moving shovels.

At the end of the level, Keen finds a man who looks like a Council Member, but is actually just their janitor. When Keen asks him, he says he tried to tell the Shikadi that he was not a Council Member, but they did not listen. When Keen finishes talking to the janitor, the level does not end, unlike other levels with real Council Members. Keen has to exit the level by taking a flying Foot, similar to the one he used to get to the pyramid (or possibly the same one).

Miscellaneous info

  • There are two red gems (and two red doors) in this level, unlike most levels which have at most one gem of each color. See the same in Bloogton Tower (Keen 6).
  • There are 77,300 points in here. That means 3 Shikadi Sodas, 1 Jawbreaker, 3 Doughnuts and 14 Ice Cream Cones (300 + 1,000 + 6,000 + 70,000 = 77,300), with no Three-Tooth Gums and Shikkers Candy Bars at all. There is a huge portion of drops scattered around: 94 in total. Two Lifewater Flasks are to be collected (none of them is hidden).
  • See also: Pyramids of Shadowlands, List of Keen 4 Levels.