Pyramid of the Moons

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Pyramid of the Moons
Pyramid of the Moons.png
GameKeen 4
Level number11
Dimensions100 x 100 tiles
Total points63,500
Total ammo0 Neural Stunners0 ammopack <br />0 VorticonHyperPistol <br />0 Pistol <br />0 SuperFlowerPower <br />0 Raygun <br />
Extra lives1
SongToo Hot to Handle
Pyramid of the Moons map

The Pyramid of the Moons is a level in Keen 4, located in the jungles of the Shadowlands. It is one of the Pyramids of Shadowlands. It is one of the two stepped pyramids, along with the Pyramid of Shadows. Appropiately enough, it has a drawing of a waning crescent moon over its entrance.

As with the other pyramids, there is no clear indication on what is the purpose of this building. Compared to the other pyramids, the Pyramid of the Moons has a simpler structure, though. The pyramid has three main areas: a large, open, upper area; a middle corridor-like area; and a lower, underground area. The main hazards in the level are the knife shooters, which are placed in quite deadly places. The level is mainly populated by Licks and Inchworms, with a few Poison Slugs and an Arachnut.

Keen starts in the middle corridor area. Midway through the corridor, there are six poles. Two pairs of them (1 and 3, 4 and 6) lead to and from smaller corridors below with points. The other two lead to doors: the first door leads to the lower area, and the second door leads to the upper area.

The lower area is completely optional, so the regular path goes through the higher area. Once there, Keen can use the moving platform to the right to get to the yellow gem. The rest of the area consists only of points. Once he gets the yellow gem, Keen can exit the level right away, going down, avoiding the Arachnut, opening the door to the right and leaving the pyramid.

However, this pyramid contains a number of optional secrets. There is a door at the top of the level, outside, which can be accessed from a very secret door in a small chamber full of Ice Cream Cones. Getting to it is very challenging, but once there, the player can gain access to the outside of the pyramid. As well as giving access to some points, this also gives you access to an easily reachable exit, that is located at the outside right edge of the pyramid.

In order to get to the pyramid's outside, Keen has to go to the lower area. Once there, he has to move to the left until he passes the four knife shooters. If he pogoes to the ceiling, there is a hidden pole he can grab. Climbing it leads to a small secret area, which contains a door. That door leads to a small ledge in the upper large area of the level, which contains an extra life. If Keen goes back to the secret area, he can jump up to another secret passage, which gets him to the aforementioned chamber with the Ice Creams.

If Keen goes back to the lower area, he can access the secret Pyramid of the Forbidden. Keen has to gather all the Inchworms that are moving around there. In order to accomplish that, he needs to have the yellow gem, but not to use it in the door to the exit, but in another yellow door in the right side of the lower area. There he can flip a switch that activates a bridge to the left, which allows some Inchworms stranded over there to reunite with the other ones. Keen has to be near the Inchworms for them to follow him, so after some moving around, he can have the twelve of them in one spot, and gain the access to the secret level by the Foot.

Miscellaneous info

  • Another secret is related to the pictures of a crescent moon on that can be found on the floor throughout the level. Standing on one of these and waiting for a few seconds will cause Keen to moon the player, instead of blinking at the player as he normally does elsewhere. However, he will only do this once in the level.
  • There a total of 63,500 points in this level. That means 46 Shikadi Sodas, 12 Three-Tooth Gums, 25 Shikkers Candy Bars, 4 Jawbreakers, 5 Doughnuts and 6 Ice Cream Cones (4,600 + 2,400 + 12,500 + 4,000 + 10,000 + 30,000 = 63,500). There are 37 drops to be collected, and one shouldn't forget about the hidden Lifewater Flask.
  • See also the Pyramids of Shadowlands, and List of Keen 4 Levels.