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Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmune to shots; can be squashed
A Skypest in Keen 4

Skypest are exceedingly annoying insect-like creatures who spend their time hovering around the skies of Gnosticus IV.

Skypests feed on blood, and will drain anyone they come into contact with. Rather like a dragonfly in appearance, they are immune to neural shots and can only be killed when they pause to rest on the ground, where they can be squished with something pointy, like a pogo stick.

Although stupid, they are reasonably fast and can be quite a nuisance, hence the name, a contraction of sky and pest.

The Keen 4 help text states:

Virtually immune to your shots, these guys really are pests. There must be some way to get them, though.

...but the high-score file demo "level" demonstrates what to do for those who prefer to figure it out.

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