Princess Lindsey

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Princess Lindsey
Princess Lindsey.png
Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
Princess Lindsey in Keen 4

Princess Lindsey is a mysterious princess living in the Shadowlands, and from her title would appear to be some sort of ruler, possibly of the Gnosticenes that live on the planet. She gives Keen some guidance on his quest. She can be seen in two Keen 4 levels, the Chasm of Chills and Hillville.

She wears a golden crown with diamonds on it, and a cyan dress. She looks older than Keen, but her age is unknown nonetheless. She might be immortal like the Council Members, suggested by the fact that she cannot be shot.

Lindsey giving Keen a word of advice.

She has the ability to float in air and to teleport. The abilities may be because of some sort of magic. She will leave immediately after giving Keen advice. Allegations that she is the tooth fairy remain ungrounded.

Princess Lindsey is named after Lindsey Velez, a fan who wrote id Software to ask the creators to make a game starring Queen Keen or Princess Lindsey.[1][2]

The in-game help states of the Princess:

The Princess is here to help you out. If you can find her, she will give you valuable information that will help you complete your quest.


Lindsey's hints are:

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