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Appears inKeen 2
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1
Walking speed80
A scrub, as seen in Keen 2.

Scrubs are small red robots that work in the Vorticon Mothership.

It is unknown what functions Scrubs perform, but it is likely they are some sort of maintainence and repair drones, scouring the ship's surfaces to clean and fix any problems found. They are strong enough to support Keen's weight, and will push him out of the way if they encounter him. They are easily destroyed, a single blast being sufficient.

Scrubs can walk on floors, walls and ceilings. When walking on floor, Scrubs always walk left, and when they are walking on ceiling, they always walk right. If they are moving on ceiling and fall, they turn around to face left again. Their movement is thus predictable and their routes are easier to design when building new levels.

The description from the hint sheet reads:

These little red robots perform various menial duties around the ship and can walk on almost any surface.

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