Butler Robot

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Butler Robot
Butler Robot.png
Appears inKeen 1
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
Walking speed90
A Butler Robot in Keen 1

Butler Robots are small, short "tin can" robots found on Mars. They were probably built by the Yorps and thus show the height of Yorp science. As such, they spend all their time wandering back and forth, looking for things to push. Such as you. Off a cliff. To your death. These robots were built for menial duties, and as the name implies, they probably perform cleaning and cooking duties.

The Yorps provided each bot with a tiny black hat that bounces up and down as it moves. They probably did this to make their servants look cuter. This should tell you quite an awful lot about the Yorp mindset.

These robots are indestructible. Well, at least with the Raygun Keen has on Mars.

The hint sheet describes them as the following:

A nice little Martian robot that has trouble keeping his hat on. He is nice except for the fact that he usually pushes you off a platform to your death.

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