Episode 59 - Underworld Ultimate!

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Episode 59 - Underworld Ultimate!
Episode 59 - Underworld Ultimate!.png
Mod-ingame-Episode 59 - Underworld Ultimate!.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levels24
Secret levels5
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
(2 votes)
Other mods in this seriesEpisode 58 - The Ruin of Roib
Underworld Map of Ultimate

Episode 59 - Underworld Ultimate! is a Keen 4 mod released by Bernie and is a sequel to his former mod Episode 58 - The Ruin of Roib.

Next to its magical theme this mod is especially notable for a very unique game play, which differs from most Galaxy mods. To complete a level Keen has to find and release a balloon. Keen can furthermore produce items by collecting and combining potions. Also Keen will come across point-stealing enemies and destructible walls.


After all that business in The Ruin of Roib, and learning that an underground base of evil Kreegs are on Earth, Keen's old ship suddenly dies on him. It crashes down to Earth in a wreck, in the middle of nowhere. Finding some town, he learns about local sightings of lights flying into caves at night. Keen figures it must be them, secretly building up their base. Grabbing some old mining equipment, Keen drills down into the Earth, into a forgotten maniacal underworld, to find the Kreeg base...

Level List

  • Keen explores the Underworld
  • Keen fracks the Mushroom Mines
  • Keen maps the Tunnel Network
  • Keen shows everyone the Cave of Secrets
  • Keen sees the Cave of Illusions
  • Keen splashes the Understream
  • Keen plays in a Crystal Wonderland!
  • Keen dusts off Ancient Ruins
  • Keen plunders the Temple of Om
  • Keen re-opens the Realm of Lost Magic
  • Keen works the Machined Chasm
  • Keen unlocks the Base Gateway
  • Keen tags the Lazerwerks
  • Keen rides the Base Station
  • Keen boogies down to the R 'n R
  • Keen ascends to the Podium of Lights
  • Keen checks his Progress
  • Keen finds the Cave of Boings
  • Keen warps to Some Other Game
  • Keen finds a McZazgag's
  • Keen enters Standard Secret Level Stuff
  • Keen checks out the Great Seal
  • Keen investigates the Fountain
  • Keen appears in Drea's Domain
  • Keen plays the Dark Circuit

Creatures and other modifications

Glow Worm.png
Glow Worm
Poison Slug replacement
Tube Fungus.png
Tube Fungus
Treasure Eater replacement
Gnome (Blue Hat Clan).png
Gnome (Blue Hat Clan)
Council Member replacement
Gnome (Red Hat Clan).png
Gnome (Red Hat Clan)
Blue Bird Egg replacement
Ghost Fish.png
Ghost Fish
Underwater Mine replacement
Mimrock replacement
Mage of the Ancients.png
Mage of the Ancients
Sprite replacement
Cursed Orb.png
Cursed Orb
Bounder replacement
Drone v2.0.png
Drone v2.0
Skypest replacement
Arachnut replacement
Kreeg Infantry.png
Kreeg Infantry
Berkeloid replacement
Kreeg Ship.png
Kreeg Ship
Blue Bird replacement
Princess Lindsey replacement
Dopefish replacement


Royal With Cheese.png
Royal With Cheese
100 points
Fries Ultimate.png
Fries Ultimate
200 points
Chocolate Milkshake.png
Chocolate Milkshake
500 points
Yakki Bucket.png
Yakki Bucket
1000 points
Big Zac Burger.png
Big Zac Burger
2000 points
Pod Box Value Meal.png
Pod Box Value Meal
5000 points


Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner
More ammo
Gem UU 2.png
Placed on gem holder to activate things
Open chests
In combination these can produce items
Life Potion.png
Life Potion
Gives an extra life


Keen Ballon.png
Keen Ballon
Needs to be released to complete a level
Springy Mushroom.png
Springy Mushroom
Acts like an elastic spring
Contains extra goodies
Breakable Wall.png
Breakable Wall
Can be shoot open